Brad Pitt responds to question about whether he’ll get back with Jennifer Aniston

(Photo by Instagram)

Brad Pitt was asked directly about whether there was any hope he will get back with Jennifer Aniston and he refused to rule it out.

Brad Pitt has responded directly to a question about whether he will be getting back with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston – and he hasn’t ruled it out.

The 55-year-old Hollywood star has been at the centre of speculation that he could strike up a romance with former Friends star Jennifer, 14 years after first splitting from her. 

The dad-of-six has been ‘officially’ single since a judge gave special dispensation for his marriage to Angelina Jolie could be terminated ahead of the divorce being finalised.

Rumours were abound that he had splashed out over £60million to buy the marital home he shared with Jennifer, just so that he could gift it to her during Jennifer’s 50th birthday celebration.