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Friday, March 1, 2024

Eiffel Tower branded ‘waste of time’ in hilarious TripAdvisor reviews of iconic landmarks

by A.P.

Not even the world’s most iconic locations are safe from the negative reviews left on TripAdvisor, with the pyramids of Giza slammed for having “sand everywhere” and Stonehenge labelled a “wind up”

Iconic landmarks such as Christ The Redeemer and the Colosseum in Rome are marked highly on the bucket list of intrepid travellers across the world.

It’s hard not to be left in awe of historical structures that have stood the test of time for hundreds, if not thousands, of years – but if anyone can find fault, you’ll find it on TripAdvisor.

The travel website allows anyone to leave a review of their experiences, from flights to restaurants, in the hope of helping others take in the best bits and sidestep the rest.



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