Disney Plus blocks supposedly »racist« cartoons due to political correctness

Peter Pan ( Image: Wikimedia)

By A.S.

Disney Plus streaming service blocked some of the older iconic Disney cartoons for children, such as Peter Pan, Dumbo, and The Aristocrats. Those cartoons are not available on kid’s accounts anymore because of the supposed “racial stereotypes” and “racism”.

Such iconic childhood cartoon classics as Dumbo or Peter Pan have been removed from children accounts of the Disney Plus streaming service. The cartoons are still available on adult accounts, but come with the following disclaimer: “Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together«. Last October, Disney decided to implement a revised content advisory regarding so-called “racial stereotypes” in cartoons such as Peter Pan, The Aristocrats, Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, and The Jungle Book. This meant that for 12 seconds at the beginning of those cartoons there was a warning saying “”stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now”.

Some of those “stereotypes” include the depiction of the “Native American” Indian tribe the “Redskins” in the Peter Pan, while there are also accusations of the so-called “cultural appropriation”. It seems that the fanatics of political correctness are only upset when this “cultural appropriation” is supposedly done by Europeans, but they do not mind such series as Netflix´s Bridgerton series, where English 19th-century aristocrats are depicted as African or Asian. Another “inappropriate” cartoon is Dumbo, due to the gang of crows in the cartoon, which is based on supposed stereotypes of blacks. The Aristocrats also found itself on the list of “racist” cartoons because of the depiction of the Siamese cat character Shun Gon that has some eastern Asian features, resembling the caricatures of Asians.

The decision of Disney Company is just one of the last cases of politically correct madness in the name of which our past and culture is being erased or banned in all walks of life.