“A person that contributes to the rapid spread of the coronavirus” – This is the new meaning of he word “influencer”

Marko Potrč (Foto: Facebook)

“We currently have a lot more infected people than at the peak of the first wave,” astrologer Ema Kurent wrote on her Facebook profile. “I am appalled at the lack of knowledge and the sheer stupidity among people, not to mention hostility, disrespect, and other ugliness,” she wrote, reminding everyone that Marko Potrč had not published anything since September 19th. “Did he lose his will to flight, his motivation, his drive?” Kurent wondered worriedly. The term influencer has undoubtedly gotten a completely new meaning in Slovenia. Influenza is called influenza because it was believed that the disease was caused by bad astrological influences. Those who contribute to the faster spread of the virus should nowadays be called influencers, as the virus is also spreading because of them. It is also spreading extremely fast in Slovenia – as many as 192 infections were recorded on Thursday!


Ema Kurent, a well-known Slovenian astrologist, wrote a Facebook post about her thoughts. She believes that it does not matter we declare an epidemic or not. “This is a disease that affects the nervous system, not just the respiratory system, and has long-term consequences for many of those who survive it, even without serious complications,” Kurent wrote. She then continued, writing that selfish, narcissistic, conceited and non-empathetic trolls are showing off on Facebook, calling for ignoring the measures, which can lead to faster growth of the number of infections, and consequently, to stricter measures and restrictions of movement. “It is those who deny the disease the most, who are taking the greatest risk or contributing the most to the fact that it will soon hit them in the face with all its might,” the astrologer emphasized.

“I am reading the posts, published by the people I respected until yesterday, or who I at least found to be likeable, and I am shocked. The masks are falling,” Kurent wrote in the continuation of her post. She also wondered about Marko Potrč, namely, how come he stopped fighting for his followers or sheep? “Doesn’t he care that if he stops spreading the truth, people will start wearing these damn masks again?” Potrč will undoubtedly listen to Ema Kurent’s wishes and will quickly make the time to make another recording of the educational nature.

As we have already written several times, lately, various influencers who appear to be experts in COVID-19 on social networks have been springing up like mushrooms. They are forcing their opinion on the public, claiming that the novel coronavirus is a scam and that the authorities want to convince us that it is much more dangerous than it really is. At the same time, they also encourage non-compliance with the measures adopted to curb the spread of the infections, and advertise the non-use of the masks as an act of courage. Unfortunately, as we have already established, stupidity is spreading even faster than the virus in Slovenia.

Thus, more and more often, similar events to what we witnessed a few days ago are occurring. The 18-year-old on the bus did not want to put on a mask and, despite the driver’s warning, behaved rudely for so long that the police had to be called to intervene. Later, of course, she tried to turn the story to her advantage, with the help of social networks and Denis Avdić, and for at least one day, she became a star among the “anti-maskers.” She socializes with such activists on social networks. The problem of the rise of influencers is also increasingly pointed out by the experts, who fear that more and more people will reject the measures, which will, of course, also contribute to the spread of the infection and the possible adoption of new measures.

Sara Bertoncelj