New normality

Joze Biščak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Jože Biščak

Months ago, on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski during a Mass in the Kraków St. Mary’s Basilica said: “The Red Plague is no longer walking on our ground. However, this does not mean there is not a new one. (…) It is not red, but rainbow coloured. (…) This plague that is invading Poland was born in the same spirit as the Bolshevik and Marxist plagues.” Of course, he was immediately declared a fascist.

The popular Archbishop of Krakow warned against the “new normality”, the historical trends of political correctness. Biological sex, national identity, race, and conservatism are defined as medieval gloom. This is slowly being replaced by progressiveness, free choice among 70 and more gender identities, multiculturalism, the holy war against free expression of opinion, and paedophilia can also be included in a really fascinating set of “new normality”.

The “new normality” is a collective mental disorder flooded by the elitist swamp of cultural Marxism, an ideology that gives priority to everything but common sense. The educational system and the mainstream media are flooded with studies and “expert” opinions on how the Western culture is evil; that heteronormativity is fascist and repressive, and the natural family is a remnant of patriarchy; that capitalism is exploitative; that Christianity is obsolete; that conservative leaders are racists, homophobes, and xenophobes. Ordinary, god-fearing people who do not have an interrupted flow to long-term memory know that this corrosive and difficult-to-determine force undermines normal society. Still, they are quiet. But it is precisely with their silence and conformism, which are interpreted in public as favourable views, that they are becoming carriers of a sinister ideological virus, the promoters of which are not difficult to identify. You know, volunteers or conscripts are not completely reliable, the army needs generals who have two of their bases in Slovenia in buildings with rainbow façades on Metelkova street and behind shapeless windows on Kolodvorska street.

The flow of transmission of this ideological poison is, at least in Slovenia, temporarily hampered by the center-right government and the Chinese virus. Active distributors of the “new normality” are therefore nervous, as they are well aware that things are slipping through their fingers. Distance education is a typical example. If you listen to them carefully, you will notice that the deteriorated transfer of science knowledge from teachers to students is mentioned only in passing, they are most concerned about socialising with peers and upbringing, which is now left to children themselves as well as parents. Not even that the kids would not hang out at all, but who they would hang out with. If they were forced to spend half a day at school in a group they did not choose for themselves, they can now socialise with those peers they select for themselves. And these are usually children who are also favoured by their parents. This means they are no longer bred into sheep, where the wolves of the “new normality” decide what to serve for dinner.

Another example is the government. It turned out that the “new normality” did not presuppose anything conservative in power. Therefore, (also violent) protests and search for a new prime minister among people who would not even come close to politics under normal circumstances, are, of course, acceptable for the “new normality”. And in the end, the forecast of Luka Mesec (Levica party), if the constructive no confidence vote will not be successful, they will continue with interpellations. Tactics of harassment, disintegration and insulting the authorities, which do not follow retarded “fashion” trends, are “new normality” that is not even hindered by the fact that encouraging non-compliance with government measures to curb the spread of the Wuhan virus is literally killing people.

Face masks, restrictions on movement and other measures taken due to the virus will of course pass. We can hope to become more responsible to ourselves and others after this health lesson. And above all, that the other, more grounded “new normality” portrayed by political correctness will not continue its destructive march, which these days is being exacerbated by the abolition of free internet platforms and profiles of conservative users.

Jože Biščak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists. He is the author of three books: Stories from the Hayek Cafe, Notes from a Conservative Liberal and Journey with Orwell.