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EU marginalising child protection rights because of violent LGBTQ propaganda disappointing

By: V4 Agency

Brussels wants to abolish child protection measures in Hungary through an infringement procedure, the group leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party told Hungary’s public media. He called it disappointing that the European Union was marginalising child protection rights because of the “violent LGBTQ propaganda” targeting children.

A referendum is the strongest means against attempts to exert pressure on the government on child protection measures, the ruling Fidesz party’s parliamentary group leader Mate Kocsis told the Hungarian public broadcaster on Sunday.

Brussels wants to abolish child protection measures through an infringement procedure and the Hungarian leftist prime ministerial candidate also happened to announce on his return from Brussels that he would abolish the relevant laws. It’s not too difficult to see the connection, Mr Kocsis said, adding that It is deeply disappointing that the European Union is marginalising child protection rights “because of violent LGBTQ propaganda” which is targeting children by advertising on all platforms that it is possible to change one’s gender and by publishing content which is not appropriate for children.

Hungary will hold a referendum on child protection issues next spring. Mr Kocsis explained that the referendum would whether it is possible to hold sessions on sexual orientation without parental consent, whether it is possible to promote gender reassignment surgery, and whether it is possible to present content that affects children’s development and shows changing gender in media without restrictions.

Parents have exclusive right to decide on the education of their children. It means that only the parents can decide whether they want to show their children these approaches or not, the group leader emphasized.

Mr Kocsis also said that although it has never happened in Hungary that kindergarten-age children were offered gender reassignment treatment without their parents’ consent, but in Belgium, for example, it is possible from age of 14 without parental consent. In the US and Western European countries it is becoming increasingly common to hold sensitising lectures in kindergartens and schools.

The law and the referendum aims to prevent those cases in Hungary in the future, as the ruling parties believe that neither natural nor alternative forms of sexuality are appropriate for kindergarten children, he said. He added that the law concerns children and it does not apply to adults.


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