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Sunday, December 10, 2023

An alternative to the Golob government will be needed soon

By dr. Stane Granda

Slovenia went through dramatic months. Serious analyses of the past period will be needed because Slovenian democracy is on the brink of survival. The philosophy of Egyptian pots of meat prevails. When those who are a symbol of bloody party repression, Kučan, Roter, and the like, call for the protection of democracy, it is not enough just to determine the disease state of Slovenian society, but to look for effective medicines for its survival.

We suffered a defeat that no one expected. The only positive fact is that the left will be in parliament. It does not handle power. It will be eaten from the inside. Neither SDS nor NSi were defeated. Those who are unable to define themselves were watered down.

Golob’s alternative government, whose leader cannot hide his inability to communicate normally, will be needed very early. Therefore, the current government team, except for education, science, justice, and public administration, must be maintained. The Janša government must not accept the fact that it is a victim of its successes.

Dr Stane Granda is a historian and publicist.


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