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Who is afraid of Gregor Preac

By: Gregor Preac

In early December 2021, at the same time as the alleged report against Gregor Preac for alleged hate speech came to the police, my Twitter account was temporarily blocked or at least three of my tweets were reported to the Twitter administration, which is in Germany, in the country at the time the most Merkel-Maas rigorous censorship of social media and police violence in the EU. Police violence in Germany was condemned even by the UN in August 2021!

After a similar case on Facebook in August 2018 and the simultaneous coordinated deletion of two of my unrelated accounts there (without an explanation from the Facebook management), when my main account had more than 5,000 followers and 100,000 shares and views of only one message, it is clear that someone or some group is afraid of my messages, thinking, giving information, opening political and economic topics, prosecuting crime!

I still do not know the real reasons for a home police visit that followed all these reports, at least not officially, because the Maribor Police Administration, the General Police Office, and the General Office of the Ministry of the Interior, even after three weeks at my official request failed or did not want to give any explanation!

The police avoided the request for clarification from the weekly Demokracija on the pretext that it was a matter of personal data protection, even if the case of a journalist and a journalist was public information. By doing so, they violated the law on public information and the right to information, which should also have been established by the Information Commissioner!

So, after many similar unexplained cases, this shows that certain groups or structures of people work or operate within the police, forces that, with some old friendships or interests, political, party, economic commitments, respond outside the law or under the guise of law in a coordinated, ideological, uncontrolled way, with the special interests of someone, some groups, maybe even personally, vindictively?

Members of the KUL or members of governments since 2015, the far left of political parties and politicians, still support verbal migration (including human smuggling, if not drug smuggling), which I am writing about now while currently living in Morocco, which, clearly, then ideologically and in general affects “their” people in the police, prosecutor’s office, judiciary, bureaucracy, politics or receive instructions from the centres of power!

I am first waiting for explanations from the police, if there are none, I will contact a lawyer and a professional organisation of which I am a member: the Slovenian Journalists’ Association (DNS) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). I will also submit a request for assistance to the Office of the Information Commissioner, the Ombudsman in Ljubljana, Amnesty International and other relevant organisations in Slovenia, Brussels and elsewhere.

If these organisations deal with violations of the rights of illegal migrants, they will also have to deal with violations of the rights of (legal) journalists who write about illegal migrant flows and smuggling. If they engage in hate speech, they will also have to deal with violations of freedom of speech rights under the guise of (false) allegations and accusations of hate speech!

Of course, I will also report that the police and their internal control will investigate the whole case in more detail and the complainant or this, in my opinion, coordinated attack. Are any of the political groups, any of mafia or smuggling groups, any of NGOs, which also make money through migration behind this, or is it just ideological disagreement and even reporting hate speech out of hatred.

In general, all this raises the question of what kind of people are reporting, denouncing, spying, following, trying to disable by dishonest means of power, violence, intimidation, and threats by means of disabling instead of communication, fair, open verbal duel! And not just by reporting individuals, but the whole country and its government in Brussels! Or who helps “ultra-capitalist” multinationals, such as Facebook and Twitter, in censorship, surveillance and propaganda.

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer, and traveller.


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