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Friday, September 22, 2023

We can stupidly interrupt the elections

By: Davorin Kopše

Limited, stupid, foolish, are various meaning of the word dumb. We no longer need proof that all this is present on the left side of the Slovenian temple of democracy. Confirmation is experientially more than enough. Good thing it is the end of the term. And not because of a successful government, but because of the shameful parliamentary opposition. But beware, if we do not go to the polls armed with enough memory of it and common sense, the story may repeat itself or make it worse.

Since 2013, we have been witnessing buffoonery in politics. We had the government of Alenka Bratušek, who forgot about Slovenia during the rescue of it, but she managed to save the tycoon banks. Then came Miro Cerar, and during his time, according to Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, a lot was said, and little was done. After Cerar’s departure just before the regular elections, we got Marjan Šarec, whose Prime Minister’s shoes were too big, not only for a number or a few numbers, but for all numbers. He proved to be completely incompetent, as little was said in his government, and nothing was done.

Selected statements after Šarec’s resignation could be found as a video online. They could not be more eloquent. Some of this is worth writing.

Marjan Šarec: “I led the government, I realised that with this government I cannot satisfy the people, I cannot justify high expectations…”

Luka Mesec: “This coalition no longer made any sense; it was also dealing with mutual fighting and personnel bargaining.”

Alenka Bratušek: “There are areas where we have not done much or almost nothing.” She mentioned healthcare.

When Šarec’s coalition partner Židan, SD, was asked when he found out about Šarec’s resignation, he said: “Today.”

Šarec continues: “There were too many amendments even then. We agreed on one amendment, and then we agreed that it would not be done, and then the other party submitted an amendment”.

Mesec: “Something was written down, but it was not done.”

Šarec: “But the basic problem may have been that everyone wanted to find their place under the sun, so that the boat was rocking all the time…”

Bratušek: “And we want Slovenia to get a stable and solid government as soon as possible, which will know how to work as a team. Unfortunately, we missed that with this government (Šarec’s).”

Šarec: “You know that Alenka Bratušek and I had a problem at the beginning of our term.”

Mesec: “With the resignation of the Prime Minister, there is probably a bitter realisation that it was not possible to pursue politics with this coalition.”

Židan: “It is easiest to leave and leave important projects unfinished.”

Mesec: “This coalition collapsed on its own.”

Šarec: “And that filled me with doubts about the possibility of future cooperation.”

Thus, they themselves summed up the events and feelings from the time when they seemingly ruled. They could not have been better analysed by any political analyst. Already when they were assembling, I wrote a tweet that they would be killed in the future, with which I, of course, meant their melancholy. The Dictionary of the Slovene Literary Language explains the word melancholy; he fell into mental numbness and lethargy. So that is when I wrote a provocative tweet that was visionary. This is exactly what happened immediately after their breakup and continues to this day. Despair. And after the elections, they are promising us a government in the same composition.

They did not work or collaborate, they did not even talk

Šarec’s coalition partners therefore found out about the resignation on the same day as the public. It means that there was no trust in that government, and the logical consequence is that they did not work or otherwise cooperate. It is not possible in these conditions. Mesec made it clear that policies could not be implemented. We heard all these hasty statements immediately after the resignation and disastrous disintegration of Šarec’s government. But something happened to these political and, most likely, dilettantes that they did not expect. Disintegration. Who even wants such policies?

As the epidemic of the Chinese virus approached, and as they cared about Slovenia, Janez Janša, Zdravko Počivalšek, Matej Tonin, and Aleksandra Pivec began intensive talks to form a new coalition. As Alenka Bratušek said Slovenia needed a stable and strong government. They succeeded in this, but then neither Alenka nor the others who were in conflict with each other liked it. They demanded immediate preliminary elections, which, as we know, did not happen. After a long time, we will have regular elections.

We know later events and messes. From those killed after the break-up, the KUL coalition emerged, offering us now various new candidates for Prime Minister for the preliminary elections. So, they once again reckoned without the host. They are still doing it today, when they are promising us the same government again after the elections, which would be joined by Golob, who would also deserve a small initial for his confusing behaviour.

What the losers are promising us

First, even before the formation of their new inefficient government, they would adopt a new RTV Act, which would be the basis for the removal of staff and journalists who they believe are not appropriate and appoint new staff to key management positions and journalists. Of course, again from their own kind. The savage Marcel Štefančič, who once hosted the Studio City show, stated that they know who they are. RTV therefore demands the appointment of its socio-political workers/journalists, as we knew them in the former regime, which was revealed by Jože Smole in a public appearance.

Furthermore, Robert Golob promises us a coalition with civil society. He said they will go into a coalition with NGOs. Of course, these are not charities or anything like that. These are the ones who have been wandering around the Republic Square for a few weeks on Fridays and demanding the resignation of a strong and successful government on behalf of their self-appointed People’s Assembly. By going into a coalition with civil society, Golob proved to be a complete political idiot (the one from ancient Greece who is not interested in politics and does not understand it). The coalition that leads the country can only be formed by political parties that won their representatives in parliament in democratic elections.

The KUL coalition promises us a return to the state before the current government. We can see what this means on the endless list of successes of the Janez Janša government. In international politics, we would go back to Russia and Putin. That is, to Putin, where they went on pilgrimages and medals and recognitions for their pro-Russian attitude during their governments, where people are divided into ours and not ours. Medals for the successful maintenance of biased left-wing media and courts from which politics has never departed. The one from the Yugo, of course.

We vote for ourselves

A voter in free and democratic elections decides according to his conscience. He is supposed to judge who is the representative in his constituency who will best represent his interests and from which party he should be. So, when we elect our representative, we vote for ourselves and for our own interests. Maybe someone will vote by inertia because they are so used to it, or maybe he will change his minds. Never has there been so much realistic basis for a decision. For the last two years, the government and the coalition have delivered various forms of support and assistance to practically every citizen and legal entity. Never have so many people worked in Slovenia and there have never been such good conditions for them to be able to create more. At the same time, the opposition has never been so miserable.

According to the scenario of the deep state, the KUL opposition has a new leader Golob. They voted against the interests of the people and general progress all the time and in all cases. There is no reason for these people to vote for them in the elections now. Not one. We are not stupid. The ones who have reasons are Jenulla supporters and other content-free alternatives who with KUL in power would only receive again, but not work.

Davorin Kopše is a war veteran for Slovenia, a candidate for MEP and an active citizen.


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