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Unfortunately, we were right. “The culture of rape is already among us!”

Dr Metod Berlec (Photo: Demokracija)

By: dr. Metod Berlec

On Thursday, August 30th, 2018, we symbolically published on the cover of Demokracija magazine the hands of illegal migrants groping a young Caucasian woman, with the caption: “The culture of rape is coming with migrants to Slovenia.” Because of this, our then editor-in-chief Jože Biščak faced media attacks. He was literally crucified in the media, and the editorial office of Demokracija was labelled as racist.

The Slovenian Writers’ Association (DSP) even issued a statement claiming that our editorial staff had “indulged in something that should not be allowed in a normal society that cares about the quality of the rule of law and the protection of human dignity.” They further added, “From a socially relevant newspaper, we would expect the unveiling of problems in social life that concern usually socially marginalised people or the presentation of people who strive for excellence in work, knowledge, and ethical conduct. By calling on you, esteemed editor, to apologise, not only to migrants but also to Slovenian citizens, and demanding that you align your language with the civilisational standards prevailing in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, we also call for respect for European values.”

An interesting call, but the Slovenian Writers’ Association (DSP) should address it to those who illegally enter Slovenia and come from civilisations that significantly differ from ours, showing disregard for European values, as demonstrated by recent events in our country. Crime and the number of sexual assaults are increasing in Ljubljana, a direct consequence of the increased number of illegal migrants both in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia. In mid-October, four migrants in an underpass on Vilharjeva Street near the main railway station beat a man and raped a woman, and last week, two Moroccans attempted to rape a woman on the green area in Ljubljana’s Tabor. There are increasingly more posts on social media indicating that people no longer feel safe due to migrants. Colleague Jože Biščak wrote last week on our website: “Today we know we were right. We were damn right. The culture of rape is already among us; the seed was sown when we warned of the danger (probably even earlier). The ruthless bombardment of highly organised progressive propaganda, whose purpose is to convince the natives under the Alps how the arrivals from other continents will enrich us and help us survive, has done its job. /…/ The trend of rape is not centrally planned and directed, but it is systematic and expected. It is part of the system and culture that is coming and is already here. Systematic rape of nonreligious women is part of the Islamisation process. /…/ Slovenian women are in danger today because the state is not doing its job. Including the Constitutional Court.” In October 2019, the Constitutional Court annulled part of the Aliens Act, adopted in 2017, which allowed law enforcement to reject anyone who did not meet entry conditions in extraordinary circumstances at the border. The Golob government, which widely opened the doors for migrants by removing the fence on our southern border, allows migrants to abuse the right to asylum. At the same time, our border authorities are not adequately returning migrants to countries on the Balkan migrant route where they have already applied for asylum.

The SDS parliamentary group submitted a request on Friday for an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, during which MPs will discuss the “Proposal for a recommendation to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to stop illegal migration, implement more effective measures to protect the borders of the Republic of Slovenia, strengthen the security of citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and their property”. Illegal crossing of the Schengen border is the most significant security challenge for Slovenia and other EU member states, so the government should take effective measures to prevent illegal border crossings. Police reports indicate a drastic increase in the number of illegal border crossings. From January 1st to September 30th of this year, the Slovenian police detected 44,751 illegal entries into Slovenia, compared to 18,433 in the same period in 2022. Citizens of Afghanistan, Morocco, and Pakistan were the most frequently treated. According to police reports, this has led to an increase in the number of “criminal offenses against property and the person, as well as sexual integrity.”

In summary, decisive measures are urgently needed to curb illegal migration. However, it is challenging to expect this from the incompetent Golob government. The only solution is therefore preliminary elections.

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