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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Time literally broke

By: Lucija Kavčič

From now on, everything will be different. This is what the newly elected members of the Gibanje Svoboda party promised us after the elections. In fact, they had promised this before. And they won the election. Because the Kul members, who have now come back to parliament through the back door, in a two-year campaign against the successful Janša government, have raised and incited voters, especially those who do not read much and reject true Slovenian history, uncritically take over and internalise everything that is repeated through the mainstream media, however absurd and hostile the propaganda. The new government will easily fulfil its promise to do “everything differently”. Whether this will be good for Slovenia and its people is another story. Some are worried. Entrepreneurs who move companies abroad for fear of promised taxation. And doctors… Even schoolchildren are not all happy, although they prefer to remain silent. In fact, all working people should be concerned. But they are not (yet), because now on RTVS they say that soon everything will be OK, that everything will be “arranged the old way” again. The Prime Minister immediately got the story in the Tednik magazine. Right away. He was not tired for it. Because a positive story has emerged. Because Slovenia now “needs positive stories” … But what is happening now is not positive. Something died. Some, and there are too many of them, have fun and laugh smugly. Because they do not know what they are doing. Or do they?

Yes, really, from now on everything will be completely different.

In addition, as at the end of the period, the great Slovene writer Boris Pahor said goodbye to this world at the end of May at the age of 109. For all his life he drew attention to the dangers of totalitarian regimes. Time has finally broken. Everything that has happened in the decades until two years ago of the epidemic and was extremely important and make no mistake, is still important, seems somewhat minor, insignificant, and distant on the eve of everything that awaits Slovenia in a difficult period of trials, which I believe it is before us. Once again: nothing will be the way it used to be. For Slovenia, due to everything that is happening in the homeland, while in the east of Ukraine there is a violently wild war that threatens to spread and which will inevitably be followed by an economic crisis, there will be no more golden opportunities. “Unity, happiness, reconciliation should return to us,” was Prešeren’s verse almost 180 years ago, which is still valid. I hope that the good times for Slovenia will come back… Someday.


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