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The selfish gene of the left

By: Janez Suša

How to get to know the true nature of people, political parties and their leaders will be a topical issue in the super election year 2022. The Chinese scholar, statesman, and war strategist Zhuge Liang (181-234 AD) dealt with this question as old as time. To this day, the answer to this question has not changed significantly, as the nature of the human ape, since the appearance of the first human civilisation on the planet, has not changed at all. Despite a thorough study of primates, chimpanzees, and their political lives, scholars have not yet reached the bottom of their understanding of the true nature of homo sapiens, the so-called “wise man”. Primate most related animal species.

On Darwin’s evolutionary theory, Winston Churchill supposedly cynically remarked that it would probably already be true that we humans evolved from apes, but: some more, others less directly. Scientific studies of the nature and behaviour of homo sapiens have even shown that many specimens of this species are in many ways a disgrace to primates. In the last century, the communists, the “engineers of the human soul”, have failed miserably in an attempt to create a new man. Nevertheless, in a recent interview with RTV, the new communist ideologue Slavoj Žižek persistently insisted that only the invention of a new, more global communism could save us from a pandemic.

Natural and technical science as well as medicine have made leaps and bounds since the beginning of civilisation. The humanities, however, struggle a little. Ever since Aristotle (384-324 BC), who claimed in the philosophical treatise Politics that man is by nature a political animal, we have not learned anything fundamentally new. It is true that humanistic scholars, psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, historians, have explained much about the behaviour of the human ape, but this has generally not contributed to the progress of human civilisation. Recognising and limiting evil in human nature and society has not progressed.

Slandering and the selfish gene

Many scholars have been trying to explain the question of evil in human nature. Among the theories of the mechanism of human relations, the theory of the “Selfish Gene” (1976 – Richard Dawkins) is popular. In 2013, Y. N. Harari wrote in the best seller Sapiens – A Short History of Mankind that homo sapiens or “wise man” differs from its closest relatives – primates, mainly in that it believes in imaginary reality. So in something he invented himself, which in material reality does not exist. You will not persuade a monkey to give up its banana with promises of the infinite amount of bananas it will get in the monkey heavens after death, or if it invests a banana in “bitcoins”. Whereas, many homo sapiens – the “wise man” – can be convinced. Science has found that all animals talk to each other, communicate and organise in some way. The greatest peculiarity of the language of the king of animals, homo sapiens, however, is the ability to talk about fiction. It is the ability to describe things that do not even exist. This amazing cognitive ability of the human monkey has led to mass vicious slander among specimens of this animal species. According to Harari, evil slander is the foundation of the formation of human civilisation.

In the present human civilisation, the spread of fabrications and slander has experienced an unimaginable boom. Communicating on social networks, television, websites, is mostly about spreading fabrications and vicious slander. Such is the general nature of the homo sapiens “wise man” and his civilisation, which, at the current IT technological possibilities, has reached a climax. The history of human civilisation, then, is not a history of class struggle, but a history of vicious slander and the assertion of a selfish gene.

Hunting dog theory

Harari’s theory holds true as far as man’s ability to create imaginary reality is concerned. The rest is just bullshit. The evil ability to slander is not necessary for participation in society, but is fatally destructive. With vicious slander it is not possible to organise sufficient production of food and other civilisational goods, to acquire knowledge and skills, to build bridges, to send a rocket to the moon, to make a super computer. Evil slander cannot create anything necessary for the functioning of human civilisation. Evil slander is merely pure destruction that prevents any progress.

But what Winston Churchill supposedly said holds true. That it will probably be true that we humans evolved from monkeys. However: some more, some less directly. It is by no means possible to convince every man that he will get an infinite number of bananas if he propagates opposition to vaccination and measures to limit the epidemic, if he brawls down the streets and spreads fabrications in the media that the virus and epidemic do not exist and that it is a dark dictatorial conspiracy. In fact, you cannot convince any sane person to do that. In this, many recognised the selfish gene of the left and most of the judges of the Constitutional Court.

There have been many epidemics in the history of human civilisation. They all ended once. Otherwise there would be no survivors. Otherwise, the civilisation of the “wise man” would become extinct. With the current epidemic, however, the big difference is that, for the first time in human history, cutting-edge science and medicine can radically reduce the mass suffering and death of people. However, the massive inciting left-wing media oppose this. With fabrications about bananas in an open communist monkey paradise, plenty for everyone.

With vicious slander and the selfish gene of the left, the epidemic certainly cannot be defeated. Even less so with the contempt of most citizens on RTV for having the slave gene because they got vaccinated. Mr. Gradišnik and communist journalists on RTV should be genetically tested if they are carriers of a selfish gene? But we must never give up. If a hunting dog can be taught to bring a hunted bird to a hunter, even though it is in its pristine nature to devour it, the monkey will just have to be told to return the banana. And to go get vaccinated. Or eat horse sized anthelmintics.

Dr Janez Suša is a patriot, a candidate for an MP in the National Assembly.


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