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Sunday, December 3, 2023

The price of politics is determined by voters

By: Davorin Kopše

The presidential elections in Slovenia are over. Slovenian voters gave more weight to Nataša Pirc Musar than Anže Logar. Presentations with facts about one and the other did not hold. It was decided on the basis of a fixed idea that the right-wing political pole should not rule in Slovenia, and a place in the presidential palace is reserved for a representative of the left. In Slovenia, we have not yet had a completely right-wing government, and the presidents have all been left-wingers, starting with the staunch communist Kučan. For the last few more than thirty years, all this has been decided by the electorate and decided as stated above. So, we can once again conclude that the Slovenian electorate is actually leaning to the left. But at the same time, this same electorate criticises the government and politics and gives it a distinctly low rating.

Since April, we have had a government led by Robert Golob, who came to power with promises to raise taxes and lower wages. She promised to tear down the fence on the southern border and integrate illegal migrants coming from the south. Before the elections, Golob ranted that we have fascism in the country, and after the elections he declared in a fascist manner that they had swept away the opponents. Nevertheless, before the presidential elections, he assured that they would not allow anyone from the SDS to sneak into the presidential palace. The voters were convinced through their loudspeakers that the presidential candidate Anže Logar was unsuitable because he was a member of the successful Janša’s government.

Of course, the previous government continues to be accused of punishing people for eating sandwiches and croissants, of persecuting people who read the constitution, of imprisoning people in municipalities and gassing Ljubljana. At the same time, no one publicly cares that these are all lies. The public has adopted these nebulae and their decisions in the elections are based on this nonsense. No one questions whether the violator who eats a croissant or who reads the constitution is really punished for a secondary act. Can a rapist be punished because he ate a sandwich during the rape? The readers of the constitution first broke into the closed area, and only then did they read the constitution. The former is wrong, not the latter.

Whether someone who breaks into a bank and reads the constitution would really be arrested for reading the constitution, or for breaking in, is too difficult a question even for the Minister of the Interior, Tatjana Bobnar, who repeats the above statements. It is a shame to waste words on the closure of municipalities because anyone who had the need to do so could travel throughout the country. Those who had not left their hometown for their entire lives felt the most closed. Of course, they are not capable of judging that talking about the repression of the previous government is just a mockery of people’s intelligence.

The MPs who appointed the government were elected by the voters. This is the case in all democracies, but in functioning democracies the electorate does not repeatedly elect those who then work to their detriment. Unfortunately, the claim that in a democracy the people have exactly the power they deserve is true. They have every right and legitimacy to choose executioners, but whether it is wise is another question. In the current convocation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, Lucija Tacer, a member of the Golob’s movement, even stated when deciding on the holding of one of the referendums that the will of the people should be trampled on if the authorities so decide. We have a more than obvious group in power who, after being elected, believe that the will of the people is no longer important.

Presidential elections

With the election of Nataša Pirc Musar as president, the voters plunged Slovenia definitively and absolutely into the red field of power. We have another left-wing government, a left-wing president, the judiciary has been left-wing since 1945, the schools are ideologically left-wing, and that is how they carry out learning processes. It is no different in other institutions, such as the Ombudsman, the leadership of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, the Information Commissioner and elsewhere. The president of the last ten years, Borut Pahor, also belongs to left-wing political prominence, but he will go down in history as someone who has so far moved the furthest away from ideological division. He was the best president ever, although he also was not perfect.

Nataša Pirc Musar will not change her character. She will represent the power of left-wing privatisers and promote them as leftists who have the most support in Slovenia. They have support mainly because they are frauds. They have most of the movable and immovable property in their hands, and at the same time their mouths are full of social justice. They cover up the first and sell the second to the naïve like dry gold. Unfortunately, lies catch on in Slovenia.

As a candidate for president, Anže Logar promised to upgrade Pahor’s presidency. This would be good for Slovenia, as he has shown a distinct tendency towards integration. During the few months of activity before the elections, Logar did not slip into the field of conflict even once. He was very convincing in this, but the majority of the electorate apparently did not listen or hear him. It could also be said that the majority of the electorate did not hear Nataša Pirc Musar, who was convincing in conflict. She presented her character, which is in no way suitable for the presidential palace, which will undoubtedly be confirmed in the next five years. She has proven that she is divisive, that she is attracted to meddling in every little thing, and that she is extremely hostile to right-wing politics, especially SDS.

After the elections, Logar made a strong statement: “In 23 years of politics, I have learned many things, including the fact that when one door closes, another one opens. Today we are at the beginning of something big.” Speculation immediately began as to what this meant. There are those who think that Logar will form a new party – maybe even together with Pahor, while others are of the opinion that he will take over the leadership of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS). Perhaps the first can happen with or without Pahor, the second cannot happen, according to my firm belief. This party has a character that will not be able to be changed for a long time. In a democracy, I do not know why they should be changed. The basic meaning of democracy is that as many people as possible have their representative in parliament.

The low price of the policy is not for its own sake

Politics is exactly what its supporters are. If the majority of the electorate elects bad representatives, this is not the problem of the elected, but of those who decide at the polling stations. It is exactly the same problem as in various personnel structures. Incompetent and corrupt leaders are not to blame for their appointment or placement. All responsibility rests with those who have the power to make personnel decisions.

So once again; it holds true that the people have exactly the power they deserve – the power they elect in democratic elections. The left-wing government became the strongest in Slovenia after independence, but it wants to strengthen itself even more. Therefore, it wants to expand the government by a few more ministries, where it will provide important positions to its incompetent but loyal ones. Their nature is also reflected in their extreme desire for complete control of the Radio Television of Slovenia. And with all this, they happily push away people’s needs for long-term care. Unfortunately, after the last election, I do not believe that the voters will ultimately reject the three laws of this corrupt government. I fear that they will once again vote for a policy that is really against them. Maybe it is different, at least locally. Maybe.


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