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Monday, December 5, 2022

The presidential campaign and Kordiš’s field

By: Mojca Škrinjar

Last Thursday, more people reportedly watched the reality show The Farm than the presidential candidates. Wherein one or the other of them will shape their future in a good month, and the heroes from The Farm will just sit on the armchair in front of the TV.

Erika from Tarča show was correct this time. Equally annoying to everyone. That is fair.

Except that she gave the candidates Brglez and Kordiš more talking time. However, this is only an impression, the seconds should be counted. Otherwise, the question is whether more time is an advantage or not. As for whom. If you use it to wave your hands, talk nonsense and contradictions, certainly not. But if you dig a three-meter grave in a second with a small spoon, that is downright genius.

This is exactly what happened to the socialist Kordiš, when he informed urbi et orbi in one fell swoop that he had founded a fake company, supposedly a social one, where he would have to employ two people to cultivate one field if he were to receive a state subsidy. Fake because he did not want to employ people at all, he just could not establish a social enterprise and get over 8,000.00 euros in subsidies if he had not promised the state that he would provide jobs. In doing so, he showed that he is a driven pragmatist, no better than the much-criticised Trump, who still has to be proved the alleged malfeasance, but otherwise much more stupid, because Trump has never admitted so freely in a public confrontation, and even in the presidential battle, to ignore the laws.

We can only guess where the 8,000.00 euros goes. Did Kordiš buy seedlings and seeds with them? Kind of a lot for that field. Did he buy a field with it? So, is he the owner of the field? Kordiš, the owner??? Something like that? A capitalist farmer? Unheard of. He is against capitalism!

It is funny and tragic. Funny, because in contrast to Brglez, who was knocked out by Logar with a single short question – “in Slovenia?”, he knocked himself out. Now we know not only auto-goal, but Kordiš also introduced the auto-knockout.

Unfortunately, many young people who vote for the Levica party are also knocked out. Naked and disguised Levica-Svoboda.

Kordiš, with his field as a community garden, sold them the ideal of a modern commune, so to speak, paradise. With a community garden, we will grow enough food, no one will go hungry, we will preserve the environment, prosperity will be fairly distributed, corrupt capitalist merchants will not exploit the workers, there will be no profit because no one needs it, we will all be full and happy. We will not lack anything. We start with a community garden, then continue with a community enterprise that we will manage ourselves. In short, paradise on earth and peace to people. With all this happiness, who still needs weapons when we all have everything we need to live. In addition, let’s prevent climate collapse.

If we forgive the young man for his reckless cheating of the law, because this is not very difficult in our country, because we remember pharmaceutical deals, where the evidence suddenly became too old, but six months later, in another case, the same old evidence counted, and this is particularly nailed down in the law, but we cannot pass by some horrible fact.

Kordiš with a field, a community garden, cannot employ two people. He cannot even survive by himself. It is this terrible crime. A lie. Kordiš lies and deceives with his field. And young people, especially urban ones, believe him.

Just like a young man in the city, whose rich parents bought him an older house with a well-kept garden, to which he can immediately bring a pile of soil, saying that the garden is in front of the façade, otherwise it needs renovation. But the pile stands and stands and stands. Then very slowly it starts to melt away. The young man has a job, of course, and does not come home from work until five o’clock every day. (The prestigious car is parked in the yard; he uses it several times a week).

The garden finds its way. It ends up giving birth to a bunch of weeds, some pumpkins, and a couple of tomatoes for its caretaker.

I want to say that there is no utopian garden. You have to work in the garden and field every day if you want it to bear fruit. In particular, knowledge is needed. Despite all the science of the internet, where you can find everything from farming tips to medical diagnoses and Audi engine builds, knowledge is required. You need to know something about mechanics if you want to change the brakes on a modern car using YouTube instructions. The human body is more resilient. You can afford to treat covid like MP Tomič from Levica with an anti-worm medicine and survive.

There is no such thing as a utopian garden. Farming for a living requires a lot of knowledge, quite a bit of capital, and a lot of work and dedication. It is the same with a company. Ask Boscarol, and Akrapovič, and Knez.

However, Kordiš cannot be trusted. Because he cannot employ himself with his socialist venture. He has to get the MP’s salary in order to survive. Just like Yugoslavia received Western credits. Because self-governing socialism did not work and collapsed within a year when those credits dried up.

Even if I accept the fact that we taxpayers give money for bluffers like Kordiš, I cannot accept the consequences of his vomiting.

We barely persuaded a young single mother, a bank employee, not to sell her city apartment and buy an old house in the countryside with some land for farming, quit her job, and move there. How would she live? She said she was going to raise chickens. Ten, twenty, fifty? How much money will she get if she sells 50 eggs every day? Or 100? Everyone can calculate this by themselves when buying more and more S budget type eggs.

A banker with no arithmetic skills. Her poor child.

This is what we can blame Kordiš. Lies that lead young people, at least those who do not have rich parents, into unhappiness. The father of the young man in the city ended up going crazy and ordered and paid a gardening company to clean up the young man’s garden and plant some decent plants, and the single mother cursed her elderly parents who have authoritatively prevented her from selling the apartment.

We, the rest of those 400,000 voters who did not vote for the naked Levica and the Levica in disguise, have no protector against the crazy government. We may be left with knowledge. That common sense that was shared even before Gaber’ reform (former Minister of Education).

Knowledge is power.

PS: Oh. Go to 3 referendums. 3x Against bluffing.


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