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Successes of the government, and nothing on the opposite

By: Davorin Kopše

The KUL coalition was strengthened with external collaborator Robert Golob, who called right-wing politics fascist. Nothing is going according to plan, as their noise is overshadowed by the news of the success of the government, which is tireless in its work, and at the same time finds time to visit the regions. Contact with people is an added value to all results. KUL, which had to come to terms with Golob, has the speakers of the majority media at its disposal, but they are increasingly shouting. They are not even helped by a vulgar shout in the form of “there is fu**ing more of us”, which Marcel Štefančič indulged in, as it is becoming increasingly clear of which there are more.

From the beginning of the election campaign, we can follow the confrontations between the representatives of the political parties that will take part in the elections. Non-parliamentary parties mostly demonstrate their emptiness to us, showing why they are not parliamentary parties. Despite fewer parties running this time than in the previous elections, the left’s ambitions are greater. Several parties expect to be included in the National Assembly, but we can say with considerable certainty that there will be fewer of them in the next term in the National Assembly.

Confrontations show a clearer picture than agencies

Opinion polls show an incredibly high ranking of the Gibanje Svoboda party, which has so far shown nothing, but has proven to have no content other than quite a few controversial candidates who have full backpacks from the past. Including Robert Golob himself, who paid himself illegally high sums in a state-owned company. It is unbelievable that anyone would vote for people who have nothing to tell us in confrontations. Except that we are fascists and that they want a government where they will exclude and return Slovenia to the old tracks of failure.

Marjan Šarec’s party decided to share popcorn. Namely, at his performances, it is best to switch off brain function and eat popcorn. Alenka Bratušek’s party is at a similar level. Its president, Alenka Bratušek, explains at every opportunity that Slovenia is the most indebted so far, which is a complete lie. Official data tell us that the country was in debt for more than 80 percent of GDP during her government, and in the last two years it has fallen to 74 percent.

It seems that only two parties from the famous KUL coalition will enter parliament. So, the Social Democrats and the Levica, which amounts to about half of this famous exclusionary coalition. The previously mentioned LMŠ and SAB are most likely the past of Slovenian parliamentary politics. This will undoubtedly help to improve the situation and completely empty talk about things they are not familiar with.

Golob halved KUL

The KUL coalition has also halved due to the “strengthening” of this part of politics. With the arrival of the Golob’s Gibanje Svoboda party, the left political bloc was expected to strengthen, but they have experienced cannibalism. Namely, if Golob gets more, KUL get less. Bratušek and Šarec became undesirable political actors of the creators of the future successors of the League of Communists, who go to political rallies in Dražgoše, and sing communist revolutionary songs, such as Bandiera rossa, in Stožice stadium.

When I follow the political scene and the media space, I am more and more disappointed by the constant mention of Twitter. There is no confrontation where they do not spend precious time dealing with Twitter, where terrible things are supposedly happening, while everyone is using Twitter. Well, except for Golob. He claimed that he does not have a Twitter profile and promised that he would never have one, because adults supposedly express their frustrations there. Golob wants to promote himself in this way, of course, by saying that he is better than others. Unfortunately for him, only a lone bird remains in this way.

Reports, debates, confrontations, round tables, in short, every talkative public event touches on tweeting and condemns it in some parts. I estimate that these events are also a kind of tweeting. So, they are verbally tweeting about the inadmissibility of written tweeting. Dumb, really. And they are not embarrassed at all. There are people who tweet and work seriously, and there are people who bring Twitter to “serious work”. Twitter often brings news that we cannot find anywhere else. This news and messages are also the only part of what is happening on Twitter that is part of the daily media reports. Everything else is an entertainment programme and just another reality show on often boring Slovenian television.

The projects and work of the current government have no alternative

A list of all government projects that are planned, ongoing or planned can be found on government websites. All this in the amount of 6.760 billion euros from state sources and another 1.200 billion euros from European funds. With these projects, the government is investing in all areas that improve the quality of work, education, treatment, infrastructure, energy and more. With all this, we must not forget that the government has significantly increased the average of municipalities. These allow for greater participation or own municipal investment.

The current government further proves that it wants to be and is close to the people. In the last two years, despite a lot of work due to the epidemic and the presidency of the EU Council, it has also found time for regional visits. During these visits, people as well as entrepreneurs and mayors of all political options had the opportunity to acquaint the government with the concrete issues that burden them. So, we see that all this time politics has worked in harmony with the people and listened to the needs all over Slovenia. We have never had such a strong emphasis on harmonious regional development and decentralisation.

The opposition, which would like to be in power and does not know what to do there, on the other hand, presents itself with clichés. They are full of accusations of fascism and dictatorship that are supposedly attacking civil society. After stupid allegations that people were punished for reading the constitution, eating croissants or burek, their Institute March 8th, led by a certain Nika Kovač, is now on the agenda. This institute is intensively involved in left-wing politics and has been intensively involved in the election campaign.

The election campaign is, of course, associated with material resources and costs. It is intended for the promotion of political parties, so they must have these open election accounts with one of the Slovenian banks. The famous Institute March 8th does not have and cannot have this, as it is not a political party. The money that Nika Kovač needs is obviously flowing in other ways. Kovač claims that their financial source is donations but has never shown evidence. There is therefore a reasonable suspicion that they are financed with cash of unknown but highly suspicious origin. Maybe this money is brought to them by the famous Donald Duck from the story of Iranian money laundering.

The so-called civil society, which deals with politics and elections, presented 138 political demands some time ago. When they were announced, representatives of some parties with no ideas of their own came running in and took the envelopes. After a while, they returned to the place of shame and confirmed that they would meet most of the bizarre demands. These referred mainly to the labour rights of those who do not work, to harmful interference with environmental standards and some unjustified free labour. They also consider it important to remove the border fence that channels illegal migration.

KUL members and some others found it ridiculous to watch them stand helplessly in front of street politicians who do not want to go to the polls. Later, Golob even stated that they would write laws for them when KUL and he rule. Parliamentary parties that have the ambition to rule will not take care of the creation of laws on their own, but will have it done on Metelkova street 6? This is where they do not pay rent and electricity because it is supposed to be their right, and from time to time they walk to the nearby Ministry of Culture and spray it a little. Behind the scenes, the Levica party is operating.

I do not believe that we have fallen so low that this “alternative” would be taken over by the current government. However, we still have general democratic elections where the people choose. There are no people in the world who would exercise power by putting obvious parasites in power, who even before the elections declare themselves incompetent slaves of the street groups of Jenull, Jarc, Kovač, etc. In this way, we would get a new Central Committee on Metelkova street, and the government would be re-appointed Assembly of Delegated Elected. On Sunday, April 24th, let’s take our minds to the polls with us.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for MEP and an active citizen.


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