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Stevanović’s attempt to scam the voters

By: Davorin Kopše

The fatal characteristic of fraudsters is persuasiveness in lying. With their cunning, they subjugate the victims by making them believe what they say. Their strength is in (audacity) boldness and great enough communication skills to convince a certain number of people of their right and their idea. In a way, the vast majority probably already felt this on their own skin when various hawkers, street vendors, or acquirers sold them lousy goods. Well, that is what Zoran Stevanović is doing with his team of false epidemiological “experts”.

In addition to the free shooter Ladislav Troha, the Slovenian left or KUL opposition Jaša Jenull also faded away. However, the left political pole in Slovenia never runs out of space for mixing cesspits. I read in the media that Kranj City Councillor Zoran Stevanović, who has become famous in the past for violence and insurance fraud, entered the scene. He was also a police officer, but the police do not like people like that, so they showed him the door. He was not suitable for the protection of people and property and for security, but now he is supposed to be suitable for a place in state politics? Stevanović has a new plan – to deceive voters.

Some people do not believe in science and events on the world stage, but they do believe to Troha and Stevanović, and their common source of knowledge can be found on Facebook, YouTube, etc., where similar self-taught people like themselves perform. Unbelievable, but the consolation is that it is only a part of the people. We have seen that Tea Jarc and Jaša Jenull have been claiming at street rallies for 75 weeks that they are the people, but they are not and never will be. The claim is at odds with the very definition of what the people is.

Stevanović’s programme

A week after the violent protests, Stevanović said in a threatening voice that those who need to be ousted from power are hiding behind the guarded doors of the National Assembly. He did not utter it, but it was understandable that one day it would be necessary to break through that door leading to parliament. Stevanović thus began his address with an extreme political goal. It should be noted that an average police officer is able to make a plan for such a feat. He is also capable of planning a covert intent to commit violence. And that is what happened on September 15th.

Only after the aggressive introduction did Stevanović mention the government’s measures to curb the epidemic and vaccinate, which is why he attracted several thousand people to the Republic Square in Ljubljana. He deceived or abused them for his political goals. Opponents of vaccination were also among them, and according to some information, Stevanović is vaccinated.

With a multitude of different messages being aired by the media, spreading on social networks and through opposition political parties, quite a few people are confused. They do not know who to listen to, so they look for any new information. Stevanović abused that badly. People of different political options came. Some refuse vaccination, others are disturbed by the measures, and still others are confused as they say and do not know who or what to believe. If we accept the hypothesis that Stevanović’s political project will succeed, we can safely say that this will be a new political abuse of voters in Slovenia, coming from the left political pole. There will be no more epidemics and the virus, or they will not threaten us, but we will be threatened by a policy that would like to enter the National Assembly by deception.

Zoran Stevanović told the crowd that in 1991 we did not fight for such a Slovenia. Stevanović may have imagined Slovenia to his liking, but most of us did not. Most of us fought for Slovenia tailored to all those who agree with democracy, human rights and the market economy. There were already too many bluffers and loudmouths in Yugoslavia. That is why we left, Stevanović, that is why. Now you go if something does not suit you, Stevanović!

Contradictory doctor

Then doctor internist Vladimir Pirnat stepped in front of the microphone. Respect for internists, but Dr Pirnat has not shown any references in the field of epidemiology, viral diseases, and scientific work. He repeated platitudes about the virus, which is said to be the common flu, and vaccines, which are said to be harmful, even toxic, and deadly. He introduced himself as a “face” from Facebook. This gentleman turned out to be a “dude” in front of a crowd of deceived when he declared the nonsense that medicine was hijacked. He spoke of censorship of serious discussions about the epidemic. This is a doctor who, among an inadequately educated crowd, sought confirmation for his claims, which were supposed to be professional. He rhetorically asked them if they thought covid disease was more like the flu or the plague. “Fluuuuu,” replied the strangers from the crowd. And he affirmed them with “you are right”. Such an “expert” start-up is not representing a serious scientific profession dealing with viruses and consequences, but is an ordinary politician.

The guy stated that most people get over covid as a common cold. Otherwise, it is true that most people get over the infection with more or less problems and do not need medical help. But for God’s sake, Pirnat, as a doctor, calmly ignores all the dead and those who, with severe torment on their respirators who barely made it back to life. He calmly ignores the overcrowding of hospitals and the burnout of medical staff precisely because of covid. The infamous doctor pointed out that in the past, those who showed signs of infections were considered contagious, but today they test healthy people. Of course, he forgot to say that a hundred years ago they did not know testers. Today, we have this advantage brought about by development, but he is clearly still based on pre-World War I findings.

As a doctor, he even forgot that today’s medicine performs screening tests for diseases right on healthy people. The best known is testing for colon cancer. In Slovenia, anyone over the age of fifty is invited to take this test. If you are negative in this test, you will be invited to take the test again in two years. Healthy! Prevention is always before the event and the consequence, Mr. “Doctor”.

He further argues that the PCT rule (recovered, vaccinated, tested) conditions for entering certain premises have no basis in science. He still bets on strengthening resilience through infection. Who is crazy here is probably already clear. Already in the first wave, some countries conducted an experiment to achieve resilience by overcoming the disease. After a wave of deaths and hospital overcrowding, everyone changed their minds. Denying the PCT rule, however, turns out to be nonsense as soon as we skim over what is happening in the countries where these measures are consistently implemented. The spread of infections is declining everywhere, and where a sufficiently high percentage of the population has been vaccinated, other measures were able to be eliminated and life returned to fairly normal tracks.

This gentleman told even more nonsense and proved that it was a matter of political appetites. Let me just mention that the internist Pirnat considers vaccination to be gene therapy. Well, that is even below the level of that principal from Prebold. He at least demanded scientific evidence, if I make a little joke. You do not have to be a scientist to know who to listen to. You just look at the numbers. They say more than a thousand words. Where they perform PCT measures, they have fewer patients, and where they are vaccinated, they have fewer hospitalisations and health complications.

Stevanović therefore embarked on a march to power with the help of blinded and deceived voters on the left, right, center and other political options. The concept of the street is already known from previous episodes with other main actors, but the same directors. So it needs to be overlooked now. When/if they are in parliament, it will be too late. We see this clearly when we look at the KUL opposition. They say one thing, they do another, which is a characteristic of leftists. Stevanović went further, with fraud he would like to achieve that the right would also vote for the left. As said, they are in his crowd from all winds.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament, and an active citizen.


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