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Sons and daughters from the plantations of deathly nightshade

By: Jože Biščak

The first high school in Slovenia was founded by the Jesuits at the end of the 16th century. The order was then more than half a century old, the founder of St. Ignatius of Loyola has also been already called by God. The society of Jesus, as they called themselves (the Romans called them “pilgrims”), grew rapidly, it was distinctly apostolic and adaptable, and worked extensively with young people. In connection with the children, St. Ignatius is credited with a thought that goes something like this: “Give me a child until he is 7, and I will show you the man.”

Neuroscience proved almost half a millennium later that he was the founder of the Jesuit Brotherhood long before his time. The experiences of children in the first seven years have a significant impact on their behaviour throughout life. Access to children’s brains at a time when neural networks are largely created and regulated by emotions is a great power. The advertising industry knows this well, so do the ideologues of progressive agendas; they change traditional and “old-fashioned” games with new ones, they dress boys in girls, girls in boys. What grows out of this can be observed at pride parades. No, a child is never too young to be indoctrinated. Their guideline is that we should by no means leave a child to evolution, which would develop him into a curious, creative, emotionally resistant and responsible individual. This becomes with “backward” games in early childhood; running, jumping, climbing with abrasions on the arms and legs, sometimes with some broken bone, has strengthened our ancestors, their natural environment was good for physical development and mental health. “Education” is different today.

If you have watched footage of unreported rallies to overthrow the center-right government, you have also noticed the youngest walking alongside their parents, carrying anti-government banners, one of them eagerly pounded on a drum. Of course, the kids had no idea what it was about, maybe they took it all together as a game they were playing against someone. The hatred that was experienced from the elders, that they modelled and imitated, will be remembered. What kind of parents are they to use their children as a tool for purely political messages? And teach them that. And take them to an illegal rally, for which it is clear that violence can occur at it, that the police can use coercive means? As if taking them to a plantation of deathly nightshades, seemingly tempting but very poisonous fruits.

The tactics of using children to try to arouse sympathy in your opponent are not new. In 2015, near Brežice, I had the opportunity to see live how a thousand illegal migrants pushed young boys and girls into the front rows of a column in front of police officers and soldiers. They were a living shield, the most important part of the empathy exposed by the progressive media.

This senseless sentimentality then made it possible for more than a million people of a foreign culture to come to the old continent that autumn, who have nothing to look for on this soil because of their aggressive message. What will grow out of them since their parents have shown them that nothing really happens to you, even if you break the laws that apply in a foreign country? Child abuse in 2015 and 2021 are similar regardless of other circumstances. And whether anyone is willing to admit it or not. It is a depiction of inhumanity, a manifestation of unprecedented abuse. And when tear gas gets in your eyes, it is the fault of the police, not the parents who took the child into a toxic environment. Children thus become disposable infantry in the political struggle.

Their parents mostly belong to Generation Y, the most destructive generation of the present. They reject the values of society and the nation, because of permissive upbringing they are without social skills and work habits, they do not take responsibility themselves, others are always to blame. Political and ideological differences are equated with ethical shortcomings, beliefs that are different from theirs are considered a mental disorder. By no means are they able to acknowledge that there are other opinions, a different view of events and the world. So they terrorise around. And they pass this mentality on to their descendants, who will one day lead the children to deathly nightshade plantations themselves.

Jože Biščak is the editor-in-chief of the conservative magazine Demokracija, president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists and author of the books Zgodbe iz Kavarne Hayek, Zapisi konservativnega liberalca, and Potovati z Orwellom.


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