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Some snapshots from the manipulations of the newspaper Delo and the communist Mr. Kučan!

Dr. Janez Remškar. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Dr. Janez Remškar

Mr. Dr Janez Markeš, published an article in the Saturday supplement of Delo, on January 8th, 2022, entitled: What does the returned future mean! Excuse me, Mr. Dr Markeš and editors! What you think, write, publish is your business! Just like it is my business when I think and write differently! But there is a big difference. I write myself when I decide to write about political matters, for so-called right, as you wrote, the “Hungarian” media, and you write, for so-called independent newspaper Delo! Right? Is that true? NO! The writing of Mr. Dr Markeš, Mr. Žerdin, columnist Mrs. Dr Renate Salecl and many more should be checked! I understand that a journalist or an educator cannot be undecided because he is just a man who has his own worldview!

I believe that many times in the existential sense a journalist is dependent on editors, owners! I understand that a journalist, a writer is also an emotional being and can react emotionally! Nothing wrong with that. But what is too much is too much! In the already mentioned article, Mr. Dr Markeš wrote that he noticed an activist motto of the institute March 8th, I quote: “We do not want another term of horror. Give us back the future. Let’s go to the polls. Everyone”, end of quote. Dr Markeš added his thinking to this topic, quoting: “The young men and women of this institute spoke about the present, which is anything but a memory of a good past or a promise of a good future”. What good past did he mean? Since we are just at the time of celebration of innocent victims in Dražgoše, which is unnecessary for Slovenes and necessary for the communist revolution, I dare to write the following! The theme that still divides the Slovene nation, the revolution, is the one on which the successors of the revolutionary communists “ride” and revive “their” and not our “bright” past. For them, all that is not good about this revolution and is now coming to light is the falsification of history! No, it is not, there are documents we have not seen in a long time! It is good that the “light”, that was enforced through violence against dissidents by the communists, has been extinguished almost everywhere! But, unfortunately, this year in Dražgoše we witnessed again only verbal violence while speaking! Speech by Mr. Kučan was a disgrace to him, the former President of the Republic, who was supposed to be the President of all of us at his election! Unfortunately, despite the “freezing” of his Party booklet, he was and remains only the president of the Communists. Thus, he is objectively one of those responsible for the collapse of human values ​​in the recent past (let me remind him of the principles of the indictment, which helped the author of the indictment with his political career, and brought the victim to Goli Otok)! Let me remind him of the neglect, even the underestimation of believers who were not equal citizens during communism! Let me remind him of the collapse of the economy, the inconceivable losses in health care, the loans we received in the 1980s at the expense of the Party’s lenient performance in running the country! That was our bright past! It is downright ridiculous and perverted that a representative, even the president of the Communists, that is, one of the world’s (but not in our country) recognised totalitarian regimes, is now accusing the government of reviving fascism. Where, how? In his opinion, this is what the government has supposedly done, I quote: “it committed gross, illegitimate and illegal encroachments on the constitutional legal and social value fabric of society”. Such an opinion, without arguments, facts, means nothing, said the psychiatrist Dr Zadel. It can only be meant to deceive people. To the Mr., the former President of the Communists, a lawyer, I advise – as a doctor, who in my work has met the most difficult patients, those who still had a glimmer of hope and others who are scared or reassured waiting to die, with their values of life – to read the record of, unfortunately the late prof. Dr Lovro Šturm, which he wrote on a topic related to the accusations of the former communist to the current government. It is about restricting the movement of people by decrees! Prof Dr Šturm put the right to life first. It is indecent to doubt the professionalism of prof. Dr Šturm, a professor, a constitutional judge! All the more so because in his note he cited specific articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, where the protection of human life, European Union law, international conventions, the World Health Organisation Constitution, the principle of proportionality and separate opinions of constitutional judges are the first in the hierarchy of protected human values. On the basis of all the above, he assessed that the decision of the Constitutional Court in connection with the Infectious Diseases Act was an arbitrary decision with a serious procedural and material error and a substantively incorrect decision! Mr. Kučan may have a different opinion, but this does not mean that the facts are different. I also believe that the text, although argued, will not convince him, let alone mean anything to him! As with the Communists, at the beginning of their revolutionary dance and the assertion of their only truth, the life of an individual meant nothing! For the man, the successor and creator of such a regime, it is perverse to mention one of the totalitarian systems and keep silent about his own!

But it is worth trying, right? It will not work comrades! Nevertheless, democracy is slowly but steadily coming to the Slovenian nation and I hope that this will be shown in the elections as well! And this, the penetration of information, democracy, is what you, the successors of the communists, call fascism, because it is not as you would like or demand! This is happening to you with the media, which is the most painful for you! You do not control the programming council of RTV SLO. This is a horror for you, as the Institute March 8th (I am interested in how many people there are at this institute with a doctorate, if they already are an institute) is horrified by the mandate of the democratically appointed current government. Yes, for someone (the successors of the Communists and their attached NGOs) this can be really scary because they will have to start working! For most Slovenes, however, the door to a normal life is slowly opening. Despite Markeš, Kučan, etc.!

prim. Janez Remškar, Ph.D. med.

In Ljubljana on January 10th, 2022

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