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Farewell speech by Milan Kučan in Dražgoše

Davorin Kopše. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Davorin Kopše

The story of the Battle of Dražgoše has been going on since 1942. After a senseless clash with the German army, partisan defeat, withdrawal to Jelovica and unnecessary civilian casualties, they are still trying to cultivate the myth of heroism. The most extremely determined make a pilgrimage to the crime scene every year in early January. The clash of the partisans with the German army in Dražgoše did not bring anyone any military advantage. The only result was the later demise of the Germans over the villagers. For the stubbornness and stupid military tactics of the partisans, 41 local civilians were killed after the event, and the village was set on fire. Therefore, there should be a commemoration in Dražgoše at most, not celebrations and left-wing political rallies.

The political rally in Dražgoše was registered as a cultural rally. Members of the socially sensitive Party, who verbally take care of the socially endangered, came to Dražgoše again this year with prestigious car brands from German manufacturers. These are the ones who claim that they would speak German today if they had not carried out the revolution then. Eighty years after the so-called battle of Dražgoše, many intellectuals in Slovenia are learning German, and the biggest left-wing bastards are buying cars from hated Germans who wanted to exterminate Slovenes. It was with these cars that they came to Dražgoše this year as well.

Marko Bandelli, MP at Alenka Bratušek’s party, tweeted that political opponents should be exterminated. As far as excretion is concerned, everything is clear. During and after the Second World War, during the time of revolutionary heroism, the victors of the Revolutionary War exterminated the flower of the Slovene nation. They killed or expelled intellectuals, bearers of technological development, factory owners, conscientious farmers, and others. Horrible when we think of around 700 known slaughterhouses throughout Slovenia. But it is not just a horrible memory. Today we are threatened with a repetition of these crimes. They would continue to exterminate us.

In order to be able to excrete, they conveniently use a familiar language. All those who dare to poke their noses into the sphere of power and are not on their political side are more and more often and loudly called fascists. In this way, the phrase death to fascism comes into play. Someone who is not on their line is simply labelled a fascist, so it is acceptable to exterminate him – to kill him.

Since the annual pilgrimages to Dražgoše are nothing but propaganda and glorification of communism, it is uncultured, indecent and reprehensible to go there. This fact can be supported by the Yugoslav totalitarian iconography present there, which they spice up with their marches every year (e.g., tomorrow we are going to attack), and the cries from the crowd calling for the death of fascism are especially strange, because fascism is not real in Slovenia. They are just fascist methods that they use to try to overthrow democracy. So who will they attack tomorrow? Clearly, the progressive democratic forces have been a thorn in their side since Čebin. These orgies of theirs are obscene and have no contact with reality. As if they were going to the cemetery and calling for the dead to die.

Little Kučan realised that it was over

The panic before the final collapse of communism and socialism is also visible in the keen fighter against human rights, Milan Kučan. He recently said that his communist generation is fighting the last fight. This year’s Dražgoše is the last temporarily one-day “liberated” territory of fighters for the revolutionary rights of post-fascist practitioners of fascist methods. The claim from the past that the greatest anti-fascists will be the greatest fascists in the future has been confirmed many times. They are now crossing the finish line, which was understood even by the orthodox Little Kučan.

Milan Kučan came to the stage with an uncertain step. He began his speech with a trembling voice, but later proved that he did not run out of malice. He repeated the mantra about fascism in Slovenia. He sees the revival of fascism, although there has never been autochthonous fascism in Slovenia. In his speech, Kučan even punished a nation that does not resist this otherwise non-existent fascism. Kučan, with his political cover, has political opponents in mind when he mentions fascism. But in democratic Slovenia, these political opponents were chosen by the nation that is supposed to resist this. No, the nation is not as crazy as the communists are crazy about power. Kučan is a communist madman. Still.

Little evil Kučan found that under the guise of patriotism there is a demand for the support of the largest government party. Typical one-party deception. The largest government party (SDS) in a democracy already has the most support. And without demand. It received support before forming a government. And this in democratic elections. Not like Kučan’s party, which distributed ballot papers and sent them to the polls, and drove those who would not even dream of voting for the Party to the slaughterhouses.

He stressed that this stale communist climate must continue to be nurtured so that it does not happen again, which has been the case recently because they did not take timely action. Undoubtedly, he had in mind independence and democratisation. After the famous claims that Slovenia is not an intimate option for him, in this way he once again made it clear how determined an extremist he is and how much he misses his Yugoslavia. But he now knows that their fight is over and that human freedom and dignity will never be overcome. A new spring is coming and human freedom will grow even more.

Two years of cycling around Ljubljana under Kučan’s leadership did not destroy democracy in Slovenia. Two years of continuous demolition of democratic processes in the National Assembly have shown no progress in the past, where the regime produced the poor and suppressed the inventive. Even granite blocks and roadblocks did not work this time, as they did years ago in Maribor and Ljubljana.

The little one went on to say the point, but did not specify it enough. According to him, Slovenians are scattered like never before. Well, we are not. Politics is shattered. As always. On the one hand, a communist clutter that wants power, and on the other hand, a policy that has been given power by the people. The more so, the more scattered Slovenian leftists are. And yes, they really have never been more shattered. All that is missing is the death blow of the electorate in the upcoming free democratic multi-party elections.

That nothing is right in the ranks of the backward KUL opposition was also shown by the fact that Tanja Fajon, Marjan Šarec and Alenka Bratušek did not come to Dražgoše this time. All of the above have in the past liked to pose their faces in front of the cameras there and show off how loyal the Party soldiers are. Tanja Fajon is obviously pushed out of the party, and Marjan Šarec and Alenka Bratušek are new faces from the past, whom no one needs anymore with the arrival of a new face with the identity of Robert Golob. Apparently, they realised that they had played the role of a disposable tissue, although they will no doubt still offer to continue to deposit their saliva in them and continue to wipe their stuffy noses with them.

Finally, little Kučan condemned the alleged display of power by the current government. The latter supposedly introduces new divisions because it does not resign and because it changes the country for the better with its main workforce. And this outside the framework set by those with the revolution. Moša Pijade said long ago that capitalism and the welfare of the nation is their mortal enemy. They need the poor. When they have nowhere else to go, they will turn to the party.

He mentioned the achievements during the current government. He named them for bookkeeping results and attributed them to people. With the term bookkeeping, he devalued successes and then showed an attitude towards the people to whom he attributed these bookkeeping results. The truth is that Slovenia’s success is really thanks to working people. These results are not bookkeeping, but are realistic and visible in practice. People achieved them because the government created the conditions for it. Left-wing authorities have always understood their role in preventing people from working creatively.

Given all the happenings and findings and the pulse of society as a whole, the upcoming elections will be a test of the maturity of the electorate. Kučan has been saying goodbye for a long time and is not leaving, the Party has been falling apart for a long time and is still wagging its tail. It is an indisputable fact that totalitarianisms in a plural society do not have the possibility of lasting survival. Little Kučan’s speech was undoubtedly farewell, but whether he knows it or not, it does not matter. Long live the final disintegration of the scattered party remnants!

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for MEP and an active citizen.

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