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Snake eggs

By: Dr Andreja Valič Zver

“Triumphant year 1991” is the title of the publication that was published last April by Družina Publishing House and the government Office for Communication as part of the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the independent and sovereign Slovenian state.

Of course, I am talking about the end of the large-scale project, which was one of the priorities of the third Janša’s government, conceived in the anxious time of the covid-19 epidemic. Not only did the Prime Minister and ministers, together with their colleagues, rescue the stranded Šarec’s barge with extreme efforts, but we also successfully and decently carried out the second presidency of the Council of the European Union and the jubilee of the thirtieth year of the Slovenian state. I do not even dare to think what kind of shame the current rulers, who apparently have little idea about the technology of state management, would heap on us even in these demanding projects. But they have an unbridled lust for power and not a shred of shame.

The mentioned publication was only one of the pebbles in the mosaic of celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of our Slovenia. At the same time, a number of publications were published, documentaries and feature films were filmed, many memorials were erected (Ljubljana, Brdo pri Kranju, Otočec, etc.), many memorial ceremonies were held in honour of the courage and determination of the Slovenian nation in the triumphant year of 1991. The pride, dedication and uprightness that pervaded the celebratory projects and commemorative ceremonies – more than 600 throughout the Slovenian territory and abroad – sadly dissipated in the year after the Golob’s government took office in the foggy plunge of Slovenia into the European sub-average and grey province.

I can already see how some people, for whom an independent Slovenian state has never been an intimate option, are rolling their eyes. And maybe even the younger ones, who naively see only the present and the future, say that we do not care. Let’s stop talking about the past. Give us jobs and housing, reality shows on commercial television and a glass of beer to top it off with popcorn. A holy absolution, which even at this time suits the ruling octopus tremendously. The last days of April and the first days of May serve them perfectly for consolidating the “processes of the revolution”, as the lies and fabrications used in the former South were referred to, mainly by the media and the education system. In the introduction to the spring bacchanalia, the left-wing minister of culture, who parades around partisan celebrations and regales us with fables about the “national liberation struggle”, without which there would be no independent Slovenian state, caused a justified stir in the introduction to the spring bacchanalia. If she ever picked up one of the many publications, even the most professional and scientifically supported ones, she would never offer such nonsense to the public. But the lady has no problem with honouring the criminal organisation established to fight the “imperialists” – USA, Great Britain, France, etc. – together with the Soviet Union until the final victory of communism. The lady does not give a second thought when the Museum of Slovenian Independence has to be abolished and drowned in a new museum, for which it is already clear in advance which narrative it will take in the coming years. Čebine up, independence down! “Fairy tales and stories” about the so-called Liberation Front, which was in fact the Anti-Imperialist Front until Hitler’s attack on the SU at the end of June 1941, will certainly float to the surface again. This was followed by a period of OF’s reckoning, especially with the opponents of communism. Well, the April founding date of this anti-Western “organisation” is fake, and the participants were gathered from all over the world and subordinated to the banned and uncooperative Communist Party. By the way, it is proven by irrefutable sources that the Sokoli were not there, except for the three renegades. And this: after the end of the war, the Communists mercilessly suppressed and destroyed the Sokoli in accordance with the Stalinist tactics of dealing with “allies” who had to be suppressed as potential rivals in the struggle for power.

But let’s get back to the point of today’s column: the current political elite also, and especially with heavy machinery on the ideological battlefield, tells us what values keep them upright and who dictates their political agenda. These are not the values of Slovenian independence. These are not the values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. These are not the values that established us in the European family of nations. No, these are the values of a stuffy, criminal, and hateful totalitarian hammer that has caused hundreds of millions of victims worldwide. Sneaky and lying, it is once again creeping among the Slovenian people and feeding them with snake eggs. Let’s wake up before it is too late.


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