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SD MP Trček is a dangerous extremist

By: Davorin Kopše

MP Franc Trček, who was brought into politics by violent demonstrations in Maribor, once again proved who he is at a session of the parliamentary health committee. He is an extremely primitive and aggressive man who can also pose a threat to people’s safety and lives. At the so-called general uprisings in Maribor, Trček was one of the most violent. Police had to use physical force against him because he did not hear and understand the calls to stop the violations. Unfortunately, this is exactly what brought him to the National Assembly.

Trček, with his political content without the admixture of extremism and primitivism, would never have become noticeable. Perhaps, as a sociologist, he himself is aware of this, so he chose the only path to “fame” for him. The so-called all-Slovenian uprisings, which had a background in the policy of continuity, blinded many. In 2012, savage thugs were mobilised across the country, gathering in front of the Maribor municipality under the slogan “let’s carry him out”. The motto was aimed at Mayor Franc Kangler, who allegedly acted corruptly and illegally. The truth was revealed in over twenty lawsuits in which Kangler was acquitted without exception. So it was not about crime, it was about power.

When we look at the footage from the events of that time today, we notice in many rampant Trček, who had to be controlled by the police with physical force. Those scenes that are more reminiscent of anarchist chaos than anything else pushed Trček into the politics of the Levica party. The violence he staged even launched him into parliament, where he continues to this day with aggressive outbursts, which for now are only verbal in nature. MP Trček did not change his way of working even after joining the Social Democrats. This circumstance also shows the similarity of the political approach of the Levica and the SD, which in one way or another also stand behind the violent protests. If not directly organisationally, then at least ideologically, because it is their desire for power, which was expressed through protests then and is equally reflected in the present.

Killing of MPs

In October this year, a member of the Social Democrats at a committee of the National Assembly openly threatened to kill the MPs. In his speech in June 2016, he highlighted a stabbed member of the English Parliament (Jo Cox; fn.). He stated that we will have to get to a situation like the one in England where this unfortunate MP was stabbed. MP Cox was stabbed by a neo-Nazi and supporter of a racist organisation, Thomas Mair, who was not an MP like Trček, but was impatient, which led him to commit a crime.

At the time of the statement, Trček was understood that he and his political associates were as impatient as that neo-Nazi in England and that the same consequences could occur in Slovenia. At that time, Trček was already at least indirectly threatening to kill his political opponents. In doing so, the declared leftist under the auspices of the SD invoked the neo-Nazi method.

Trček supports Palestine

Following Slovenian politics, we have repeatedly been convinced that the impatient Trček is always on the wrong side. He is also on the side of those who support Palestine as an independent state. It is known that this is a country that is not an international entity mainly because it is run by the terrorist organisation Hamas. They express terrorism by periodically rocketing the neighbouring democratic state of Israel, which is an important member of the United Nations. Their primary goal is to wipe Israel off the world map.

Hamas is a terrorist organisation because of its military wing, which also has the main say in the organisation itself. This is the organisation that sent suicide bombers to Israel in 1993 and caused many casualties there. As has been said, the extremist Trček supports such Palestine.

Trček glorifies the Taliban and threatens

“You know, I have said it many times before: Afghanistan and Trček are not being attacked. I will probably die here because of this SDS, but maybe unfortunately some of you will die sooner,” Franc Trček from the Social Democrats said at the session of SDS MPs.

In this way, Trček once again allowed himself a primitive and aggressive outburst in the National Assembly. It happened, however, at a meeting of the Health Committee, where they discussed the long-term care law, which had been waiting for more than twenty years. Once again, KUL opposition MPs tried to block the adoption of an urgently needed law. The closer the votes on the amendments approached, the more the declaratively socially sensitive MPs from the opposition became impatient. After Trček’s threat, the session was obstructed.

So Trček predicts to himself that he will die. So far, so good. He has that right. But the sequel is terrifying. Trček predicts that at least a few MPs of the Slovene Democratic Party or members of this party in a broader sense will die before that. At the same time, he did not give the feeling that he had natural death in mind.

Impatient people often announce murderous marches

Most serious shootings and other extreme marches are announced in advance by the perpetrators with a hint or a direct threat. Execution can be prevented if we react accordingly. In case of ignorance or if overlooked, realisation can occur. When we read the black chronicle of mass reckoning, we can see that in most cases it is some kind of just action. The perpetrators are convinced that they are saving the world or their own honour and choose to take justice and the law into their own hands. The vast majority draw attention to their actions in advance in various ways. They used to express their intentions in personal contacts, but nowadays they express their anxious feelings on social networks, and Trček in parliament. Unfortunately, all too often the environment does not take them seriously, so actions do happen.

In recent times, in dealing with the politics and delusions of extremists, we cannot miss Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, who first killed 8 people in a bomb attack and then 69 mostly young participants in the summer camp in a shootout. Because he thought it was right. Breivik was later found to be suffering from a personality disorder that glorifies him (narcissism). Unable to assert himself politically enough, he opted for massacres to draw attention to his manifesto. I personally think it was the other way around. With his past rebellious actions and, above all, his written manifesto, he has long warned of the danger he poses. Otherwise, Breivik is labelled an extreme right-winger, which may not be in dispute. The problem we do not see clearly enough is that modern-day leftists use exactly the same methods that Breivik used before the famous assassination march. Expressing intolerance, violent street protests, graffiti, only they are correct and have the right to make decisions and the like. We also see all this in Slovenia.

As we can see, the Social Democrat MP Franc Trček has gone too far several times, and this time he touched on the most extreme point of his character so far. He set the price of his life for the lives of others. A mad hatred that calls for boundaries to be set. But these are posed by action, and the danger must be identified beforehand. Who will take action? I think of the President of the National Assembly first, but I do not hear him.

Davorin Kopše is a war veteran for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament and an active citizen.


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