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Relics of Communism and Socialism

By: Gregor Preac

Statues of their socialist dictators have been removed in Prague, Warsaw and Budapest, however they are still standing in Slovenia. And not only that: the politicians of the parties Social Democrats (SD), Levica, SAB, LMŠ even worship them. The cult of Boris Kidrič is almost intact, he even has his Kidrič’s street! Kardeljevo would certainly have remained if it were not for Croatia!

It is the same with the streets. Many highly questionable World War II heroes, where, according to the locals, it was often not about heroism but about crimes, robbery, or after the war they got their hands dirty by slaughtering losers and civilians and robbing to expropriate property, have their streets. No one researched, no one corrected lexicons, distorted history.

Why do not the FDV, the Peace Institute in Ljubljana, the Faculty of Arts in Maribor and Ljubljana, their departments of history, SAZU, museums, provincial archives, and the historical profession systematically deal with the previous system? Were the cadres there set up by the Party and even participated in these crimes or in the suppression of scientific and other freedom?

In Slovenia, socialism omits the social system or does not label it as a dictatorship or there is no moral condemnation of socialism, communism. It does not mention (enough) crimes, post-war massacres, Dachau trials and other purges, theft of property, expropriation, nonsense of self-government, cult of personality, indoctrination, wiretapping, control of people, or the removal of the government of Slovenian Dubček Stane Kavčič in 1972.

The red media cover up the crimes of socialism

The red media (Delo, Večer, Dnevnik, POP TV, RTV Slovenia, Mladina) still cover up the crimes of socialism or ignore them when they do not investigate post-war massacres, political processes or the persecution of journalists and writers! They even openly defend post-war criminals! The recently deceased Dr Ljubo Bavcon, Mitja Ribičič, France Popit and Janez Stanovnik, who all died in the last decade, and Milan Kučan (still at the top of the previous system since 1968) are typical examples of people who, in this policy of hiding and deliberately forgetting the dirt and post-war crimes of socialism, ZKS, YPA, Udba have never been prosecuted. In contrast, they received the highest state decorations. In general, therefore, most of the post-war decorations and awards are ideologically, intellectually, professionally, artistically controversial, as well as the Prešeren, Jenko, Ježek… award!

Where did the ownership of most of the major media come from?

So far, no one has systematically investigated, neither criminal investigators nor the tax office, nor the Department of Journalism at the FDV, who, how, with what, where did they get the ownership of most major media, according to many indications also bought with money that disappeared abroad at the end of socialism and Yugoslavia. Similarly, many archives disappeared at the time or left wing governments made sure they were closed! We are only dealing with futile survival, with the EU, NATO, periodic economic crises, migration from the Balkans, Islam, pandemic, and not with meaningful consolidation and promotion of the country, rehabilitation, treatment, consolidation of the beheaded nation and national culture, patriotism, self-confidence, entrepreneurship!

If we can have an agency for migration and a flood of other agencies, why do we not have an agency or even a ministry for the nation and democracy that would prepare a strategy for the development and expansion of the nation, patriotism, national culture, national economy, and systematically guide the study, eliminate all anomalies of socialism, open the Museum of Communism and Socialism and other missing museums, propose the replacement of controversial street names, arrange the park of communism and socialism for statues of communism and socialism scattered in cities and forests, in short all the historical memory that socialism systematically erased when all history in the SFRY began in 1941!

With the Brussels planned economy and the liberal-social democratic autocracy of the EU, with further migrations from the impoverished Balkans, especially from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, and additionally from Islam in Africa and Asia, Slovenia is less and less a country, an immature, divided, Balkanised, socialist retarded Slovene nation, as it was in the SFRY, is still culturally, intellectually, numerically very endangered.


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