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Productive blustering of useful idiots

By: Gašper Blažič

You may be amazed at my record, but for me, the undisputed hero of last week is Zlatan Čordić with his followers.

I will not beat around the bush, but I will be honest: I am more grateful to him than ever before and he will always be a hero to me. And do you know why? Because so far no one has encouraged Slovenes to get vaccinated as much as he did. And with him, of course, those who have a similar opinion to him and also behave similarly. I have in mind, of course, various provocations and also violent demonstrations last week, when the savages let off steam, thus achieving the opposite effect on the rest of the Slovenes.

Namely, many of those who had concerns so far and did not like the introduction of the PCT condition – but accepted this as a necessary evil and also accepted the responsibility to follow the example of Denmark with vaccination, which has eliminated the measures against the spread of covid due to high vaccination coverage – decided to get vaccinated. The predictions of immunologist Professor Alojz Ihan also go in the direction that covid 19 will somehow “wear out” in the spring of next year after two years due to herd immunity. Therefore, there is no rational reason for rowdiness and provocation – on the contrary, both will at most prolong the difficult period of the epidemic. However, this also brought sobriety.

Of course, we wonder what the government is supposed to do in the current situation. An alternative to introducing the PCT condition in public is just a prison of public life, as we had last year and again this spring. Do we really want another shock to the economy and rising unemployment? Another alternative is to introduce personal responsibility for treatment, which would mean that covid 19 patients who are not vaccinated are not admitted to intensive care units – but this approach would be inhumane and contrary to medical ethics. When it comes to emergencies, they do not ask anyone if they have been vaccinated or not. And that is what has led the government to take a measure that represents the least evil in these circumstances. Given the great interest in vaccination, we are on the right track and perhaps the coming winter will be less difficult for Slovenes than the previous one. Also thanks to helpful idiots and their blustering around shops and gas stations.

Rapper Zlatko did a nice service to the Slovenes this time. Thanks, Zlatko!

Gašper Blažič is a journalist for Demokracija, the editor of its daily board and the editor of the Blagovest.si portal.


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