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Prediction of a bloody harvest

By: Jože Biščak

It was increasingly difficult to escape Milan Kučan in recent days. There is enough of him everywhere, he appears at the same time. Do not try to replace a radio station, TV channel, newspaper or website, the former Party boss will be everywhere. The editors put him in inappropriate places without feeling, reports about him go beyond the bounds of good taste, he is only missing in the “songs” of Boris A. Novak and a reality show, and not in the Bachelor; he was proclaimed this long ago by the media mainstream. It is kind of like a quarter of a century ago, when the media quickly helped him wash the blood from his hands left over from the previous regime as Party leader and parallel mechanism. But no obstacle and criminal act is stronger than time, right? Not a few years, but just a few months is enough to make everything forgotten. And this is clearly not a burden.

Honest and good people were breaking out in a cold sweat while listening to Kučan’s Sunday speech in Dražgoše. In addition to the usual clichés about the “great battle”, which ended with the locals paying with their lives for headless Party ideas and the partisans fleeing into the woods, he uttered a few creepy words. That he does not perceive strong enough resistance against ideological opponents (the centre-right government and its supporters) as it was during and after World War II, he said quite directly. This means only one thing: all means are allowed against the Janša government, apparently including killing, slaughtering, and throwing into caves. It is not difficult for an immoral person to say such a thing; even as a young Party member he tasted the blood of innocent people who were killed by the communist secret police solely because they had a different worldview.

Now the leftist propaganda machine is trying to accustom us to this “normality” of ideological confrontation, the media mainstream is once again pushing Milan Kučan to the forefront, they are forcing him again as an indispensable part of our lives, without which we cannot do – he is air, food, drink, bed, and toilet. When he jumps out of the media, they tell us that it is not only taxes and death that are certain in our lives, but also Milan Kučan. He has been appearing more in public than there were at the time of manipulated affairs such as Depala vas or Patria. We know that he is threatening, wagging, and setting fires, but it is not yet clear whether he has hired another special agent of the former Yugoslav Secret Military Service (KOS) as he did Radenko Radojčić in the Depala vas affair. Back then for a political showdown, today it seems that the deep state will not hesitate to go a step further.

An ultimate fan and at the same time an inconsolable mourner for the SFRY and socialism, who apparently has not washed his hands with which he touched Tito’s palm, does not hide that he actively and publicly participated in the pre-election race. After Kučan’s plan to overthrow the centre-right government with violent protests failed (he last called for it in the autumn in Šentjanž), and international “anti-fascists” were more of a hindrance than help (all statesmen and the Brussels leadership spoke with selected words on Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council), “new faces” have also been announced, which is supposed to lead voters in their direction. The KUL coalition has proven to be completely incompetent, cannibalising itself, although the media mainstream, with the help of directors and screenwriters, is packing the whole situation day by day, trying to keep it intact and adding value to the “new managerial faces” which will grab on the moderate right.

The toxic appearance of Kučan in Dražgoše shows that the left has not given up on violence. Voters are constantly being warned that unrest and street chaos will continue, and society will be even more fragmented if the SDS wins again and forms a government. Kučan and his operatives are clear: if we are not in power, the streets will become rivers of blood. He can say that. Of course, he is a saint. He is Saint Kučan. Nothing stops him. He announces the thump of boots and red hordes, and the media mainstream presents this as something completely normal. Scary. This is a spiral of incitement of fear, which is contrary to parliamentary democracy and free will. But nothing else was expected from Kučan and his mats, who bow to slaughterers and kiss the hands of criminals. We only hope that the voters will not get stuck again and be afraid of the announcement of a bloody harvest.

Jože Biščak, editor-in-chief of Demokracija


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