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Open letter to Mrs. Svetlana Makarovič!

By: dr. Janez Remškar

There have been times of respect, sometimes even admiration for your texts: from writing for children, dramatic texts, to songs and creating by drawing and singing with piano accompaniment! Yes. You knew all this, and you had a lot, a lot, a lot of admirers both among children and adults. Who among adults who is at least a little interested in dramatic texts does not know the drama The Dead Man Comes for a Mistress? Who among children, now adults do not know your Kosovir, etc.!

You are slowly but steadily destroying all the above! You destroy with your engagement in your “political” performances, which are becoming more and more bizarre, even offensive! You may not even realise it, because age, or worse, self-confidence, obscures the true image of yourself! A person can create a lot, many precious things, with effort, talent, or both! It usually takes quite a bit, something, a lot of time and work! It does not take much to destroy this! I cannot afford to challenge or want to challenge your political engagement. This is now the freedom of every individual! But sometimes it was not! You know that well! We had Article 133 of the SFRY Criminal Code, about a verbal dialect, according to which a huge number of people were convicted in the name of the Red Star and under it and under the image of Tito! Completely innocent! I can hardly think you forgot all that. Or maybe you have! It can also be intentional, out of interest, one or another. If a person looks closely at your behaviour in rejecting rewards that contribute to an individual’s reputation, but on the other hand are only financially current and, in your willingness, to accept other goods that are unattainable for an ordinary person, one can ponder on that!! Not to be misunderstood. It is quite clear that for special merits for the nation, a person also deserves a special reward. This is the case everywhere in the world. Be it artists, writers, poets, athletes. For us in Slovenia, small as we are, such people are especially valuable! They deserve state recognition and financial support or an award if they need it so that they can live at least approximately carefree in their old age, when the years weigh on us! But it is not necessary to sell your talent for cheap, offensive texts, to people to whom the whole of Slovenia should be grateful (except the Communists and their loyal followers, to whom life is still not sacred), to reveal to us (not falsify) slowly but steadily, among the still living people, known truths and put in the right light of the communist revolution! I emphasise the revolution and not the partisan struggle, even though this struggle was extremely corrupt, covertly exploited for the revolution! You probably know that revolutions usually do not bring anything good. Every revolution has too many victims, even innocent ones, and revolutionaries become rulers, out of control! This is also true of the much-vaunted French Revolution and, no doubt, of our communist revolution! Sorry! As a poet, an artist you probably know that! But still, you hang out with the admirers, the successors of our revolution! In your last text, addressed to Mr. Dr Jože Možina, you exceeded all measures of good taste, you were insulting, I believe even on purpose! When a person falls so far, when he stoops to such a low level, he becomes worthless to a normally thinking man. As a doctor, I may be thinking about your asociality, or there may even be material desires in the background! Who knows? Slowly but steadily, despite media support, you are destroying your respectable, previous work! A man who is prone to such extremes is, to put it mildly, strange, perhaps even dangerous, because he does not respect his fellow man and does not deserve respect! Remember that!

Otherwise, I wish you all the best, especially health at your age!

January 24th, 2022, Janez Remškar, M.D.

Dr Janez Remškar is a doctor and publicist.


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