Metod Berlec: »New Europe« as Fortress of the European Union

Metod Berlec. (Photo: Demokracija)

The peoples of Central and Eastern Europe have gained their national affirmation and became national states, through hard-fought efforts and bloodshed of many generations.

Therefore, they are rightly not ready to discard the roots or foundations upon which they were created and are therefore also reserved about the migrations from Third World countries. On the basis of ethnic nationalism, they are aware of their roots, while the Western European countries thought and hoped to involve migrants in their societies with their civic nationalism. But they got it wrong. If this was the case, with immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe, this is not the case today with Islamic migrants from Asia and Africa. Instead of the promised integration, socialization and assimilation of migrants, parallel societies are emerging in Western European cities that are making the whole of society completely dysfunctional. Some of the leading European politicians have warned years ago that they went too far with the politics of multiculturalism.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged in 2010 that the German multicultural society had failed. A year later, then British Prime Minister David Cameron said that “state multiculturalism” on the island failed, similar to what French President Nicolas Sarkozy said, that same year. Merkel nevertheless made a catastrophic mistake in 2015 and dropped an additional one million illegal immigrants into Germany, bringing the European Union to the brink of collapse, echoed by Brexit. To this day, Merkel does not seem to want to admit her big mistake, even in the face of Germans dying under the knives of the crazy migrants.

The leader of the SDS Party Janez Janša is undoubtedly right in emphasizing that different civilizations, cultures, and people with different ways of life, can live in peace, if everyone is on their own. “When this is mixed by force or when one culture takes on the spirit of conquest and rebellion, is exactly when catastrophes, wars, and the extermination of nations start”. It is therefore crucial for the EU to put migration under control. Otherwise, we are doomed …