Member of Parliament Matjaž Nemec and his miracles

Gašper Blažič. (Photo: Demokracija)

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! I hope you understand these words. They are not talking about the border on Kolpa, but about the fact that the author of the lines you are reading is sorry. He apologizes in advance because in the commentary he will have to “roast” someone who is at least one step higher than him in terms of education, and that is Matjaž Nemec.

Certainly one of the most recognizable faces of SD. To clarify: the author of the comment you are reading is not a master of science. But still, I, who had to go through four years of Latin in a classical high school (plus two years at the University), can’t hand when someone mixes Latin with Latvian. “King Matjaž”, the son of the legendary employee from the Hit in Nova Gorica from the 1990s, managed to raise some confusion during his fiery performance in the debate against Minister Aleš Hojs.

When he wanted to utter the famous Latin proverb “Pacta sunt servanda”, which talks about respecting agreements, he instead created something like “pakta und cervanda”. Oh, »und«? Oops, he’s forgiven, because he’s German after all. It happens to everyone, messing up a sentence when something has to be said that exceeds one’s intellectual abilities. Obviously, this was the result of a great haste as the linguistic Member of Parliament, who in the past wanted to celebrate the “annexation” of Primorska instead of “unification”, in the same speech even announced that he would vote against the interpellation. Hm? His parliamentary and party colleagues were probably confused, since he had previously talked about the agreements, and now he is already announcing his support for the minister whom he had criticized shortly before. Apparently, miracles are also happening among the members of the party, that declares itself as the proud successor of the ZKS.

Although they do make it seem like all that bad succession, including the post-war massacres, is best encouraged by the SDS. However, the “Crvene zvezde” fan club endures everything. They will also digest the latest miracle of the Member of Parliament Nemec.