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Friday, December 8, 2023

Lucija Kavčič: Destructive Global Contradictions

The videos of starving children from the refugee camp in Yemen were broadcast on national television in the past week in one of the newscasts.

The situation there is really bad and these people really need help. All those who have fled war zones need help with everything: food, clothing, medicine, housing, and above all, they need peace in their countries and the means to start the economy when they return, so that they can live normally. I believe that most refugees want this, but they are losing hope. Next, they say that refugees are coming here, however I cannot believe it. Because it seems that those who really need help – the children, the women, the sick and the elderly; those who are really the refugees, are those who remain in refugee camps, hungry and without everything. And then they show them on television… Will something be done about it? Next, I read the report of our journalist who traveled to Bihać in Bosnia and attended the protests there. The people were demanding security over migrants, because the migrants break into their houses and behave – in the words of one of the protesters – as if they were in their own country, as if they were the citizens, not the newcomers. Certainly, no children and no women were breaking into houses – the men were doing this, as migrants are mostly young men. It is known exactly where they will go from Bosnia. What should we expect? What will be done?

Next, in the past several days, a lot of us worked on the magazine’s call for fairy tales, which was completely misunderstood by many from the outside… Someone made a great deal of effort and sent a story in which he wrote: “I think you have enough love for him too. I think you have enough reason to see that the more you stand behind the trenches and refuse to help the ones in need, thinking that this is how you defend and love someone, the more what you so dearly defend and love will disappear from you…” I understand very well what you want to say, dear writer. However, I do not know if you understand me, us. Because I do not think that in our editorial office there is anyone who, in any concrete case, would not immediately come to the aid of someone in need, if he or she thought it was the right thing to do. Our so-called anti-immigration view is an entirely different story: it is a warning to the general situation regarding migration, which is not good for anyone and requires a wider solution, because it will become devastating for all.


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