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Sunday, December 10, 2023

(Letters – from victory to victory) Mr. Fifteen percent

By: Vinko Vasle

That sloppy Udba eavesdrop on Minister Andrej Vizjak has now been upgraded – with Robert Golob we also have a picture, not just a tone. This has hit us hard, so let’s see how they reacted.

Levica party has published an exposition by Luka Mesec entitled “We and the Russians against capitalism”, in which they blame capitalism and capitalists of the Boscarol type for this affair. This has led to a logical desire among individuals to enrich themselves in any way, including through corruption if necessary. According to the Levica, Robert Golob is therefore a victim of the exploitative regime resulting from independence and our membership in NATO. The Levica understands that money is not everything, but because everything is for money, Golob also fell into this trap, although he had no special wishes, as he said that he was not interested in money, except for 2.5 million in income tax. It was enough every month for about 40 families. In addition, it is known, said Mesec, that Golob did not sign the contract himself and has nothing to do with his enormous capitalist exploitative salary. Even the internalisation of corruption in the Bosnian case – if we use the definition of Chief Justice Branko Masleša – it was just an expectation because the money came only when Golob bought the fog company for 15 million. He did not know it was foggy. The Levica also believes that the television that published the video should be heavily taxed.

When publishing the video from Bosnia, Tanja Fajon from the Social Democrats expressed great concern that something like this could happen in modern times. When she was warned that this had already happened in the case of Minister Vizjak, she said that these were two incomparable Udba stories – ideologically, the publication of Vizjak’s wiretapping was normal, but this is not the case with Golob. The first story is from the time of dictatorship and fascism, and Golob’s is anti-fascist and liberating. The dirty campaign of the fascists is also reflected in the fact that Golob tried to corrupt himself on a famous day in a famous place at a certain time with famous people. This is the least obscene, because usually serious journalism does not publish it, but if it does, then it covers the identity of persons, and where Golob is mentioned, an audible signal or squeak is used. Everything else, according to Fajon, is contrary to human rights and the protection of personal data.

Alenka Bratušek from the SAB is convinced that this is a similar attack on the fascist hinterland as the attacks on her, saying that she saved bank tycoons for taxpayers’ money and created the highest state debt. This is unacceptable, because the numbers can be manipulated, and she is sad that the facts contradict her claims that Janez Janša owed the state the most. This is very bad for the facts, she added.

Marjan Šarec from LMŠ believes that Golob’s disqualification is similar to his, that he is stupid as a male sexual organ. In addition, the spy Murči has already informed him that there is little left to prove that the wiretapping against Golob was made in the basement on Trstenjakova, the only thing that bothers him is that the wallpaper does not match.

Gibanje Svoboda party and Robert Golob specifically said that their president never got any corruption on the transaction account, except once the slaughter and the chicken. Golob especially emphasised that this is a fascist conspiracy, just as fascism is a constant demand of the right to show its income tax return. On this occasion, Golob also apologised to the Slovenian forests for the recent fires. It is known that he communicates crypto with others because right-wing spies cannot track him down. So, he used the smoke signal method, but it caught fire. Marta Kos demanded that the director general of RTV resign immediately due to the recording, and to the warning that this was published by Planet TV, she replied that this would not change anything.

Vesna Vuković from the Necenzurirano portal followed the Bosnian disqualification of Robert Golob with tears in her eyes. She herself was attacked by her own personality when it was revealed that Golob had donated 100 thousand euros to her – these were Golob’s two monthly salaries. Like it is some kind of money.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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