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Friday, December 2, 2022

(Letters – from victory to victory) Kučan’s old clothes

By: Vinko Vasle

One of the major contributions of Kučan’s Bavcon law school is the decision of the Supreme Court that Janez Janša is guilty because he wrote for Efgenija Carl, an employee of Television Slovenia, that she is in fact a cheap prostitute of Milan Kučan. Therefore, Janša allegedly paid her 6 thousand euros in compensation. According to the average prices of night comrades, this is about 150 coituses, and in this case about 300. After the JBTZ affair, when Kučan handed over the Slovenes to the occupier’s Serbian army, and after the made-up Patria affair, when he had Janša imprisoned, this is an important milestone in a state governed by the rule of law.

However, the matter will complicate, because the same Supreme Court in the case of Mojca Pašek Šetinc concluded that it is freedom of speech if she is called Kučan’s prostitute for little money and will not receive 6,000 euros. It is not clear whether anyone went crazy in the Supreme Court, because they often mix everything up there. It is horrible that one of the eldest sons of Udba and communism, Milan Kučan, is admitted in one case to have prostitutes on RTV, but not in another. So they will have to coordinate somehow. Namely, Kučan is not just nobody, but according to the fascists he is a small communist villain on two short legs, although lately he has been immortalised by the belly of a man who has a privileged pension. This is a little unfair, because Spomenka Diklič-Hribar, who is also connected to Kučan by a very privileged parliamentary pension, which she stole from taxpayers in a moment of inattention, is one of the equally great villains.

Milan Kučan is, of course, an ordinary pensioner with an unusual pension, which he honestly earned as the head of the Udba, Udba-mafia, and communists. In addition, according to all authorised biographies, he single-handedly attained independence for Slovenia, so that at the moment when the occupier’s tanks were already driving on Slovenian roads, he had the Territorial Defence disarmed so that the war would not be too bloody for Slovenia. The role of Božo Repe, Doctor of Historical Sciences, who left the historical truths about Kučan’s biography to the censorship of Kučan himself, is interesting. In the academic historical sphere, this has not caused any major dilemmas, however, abroad, such a historian who signs under the adapted truths would lose all academic privileges and honours. But when it comes to Kučan, this cannot happen.

Milan Kučan is an ordinary pensioner with a privileged pension who walks around Ljubljana and likes to go astray. Sometimes to television, sometimes to the Constitutional Court, sometimes to the Government Palace – depending on which Udba elements are at the head of these institutions. Now that his character and work have also been secured by the Supreme Court, the question, of course, is what else can be said and written about him. For example, you can say “kill Janša” about Janša and it is considered a normal criticism of politicians, says our judicial authority. What if someone shouted it on the roads about Kučan, or someone would write it down? Let’s try – kill Kučan. Since there is also ‘Kučanism’, the question is whether the slogans “death to Kučanism!” are allowed. So let’s try – death to ‘Kučanism’. Since freedom of speech and views is also the fact that Janša is a fascist, the question is what the judiciary would do if someone publicly declared Kučan a fascist. Let’s try – Kučan is a fascist. The same goes for savages who claim that Janša is a dictator. Is it possible to say the same for Milan Kučan and is it criminal?

And we already have a problem here. The man who was the head of the murderous Udba, who headed the dictatorial party, was by no means a humanitarian worker, although our slightly whacko courts would know how to interpret that as well.

I do not know if I would denounce a friend who last said that Kučan climbed out of his Murgle rat hole again and finally gave an Udba blessing to those fighting for the death of Janša and ‘Janšism’ and against his dictatorship and fascism. Every normal person, regardless of religion, would cross oneself because it is an ideological monstrous disqualification, abnormal people who run and break through the streets now believe in it even more because it was sealed by the presence of Milan Kučan, an ordinary pensioner with a privileged pension.

When will the first victim fall?

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist, and writer.


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