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(Letters – from victory to victory) A dog is watching you

By: Vinko Vasle

The media intelligence service of leftists and communists The Slovenian Journalists’ Association is once again announcing a competition for the best journalistic watch dogs in the country.

To help them make the most of this selection, I am sending them some very well-founded dog suggestions that talk about which journalists barked the most.

  1. Suzana Lovec, POP TV – medal “We do not give menstruation” for the combined media-medical revelation that Janez Janša is to blame for the menstrual problems of the participants in walking the streets due to dictatorial gas attacks on peaceful protesters. The science journalist is now also investigating the impact of the water cannon on possible infertility and the impact of the presence of the police and their intimidation on the increased number of abortions. For Pulitzer, she should conduct a research – sexual relations in dictatorships and during protests.
  2. Immediately after her is Ali Žerdin, editor of the Sobota supplement of Delo newspaper, who receives the “Golden Gas Mask” for revealing that Janša attacked peaceful protesters with tear gas in a dictatorial style during respiratory illnesses. This has also affected the increased number of flu among protesters, who have all the characteristics of covid because of the gas. The example of Saša Lendero. The internal investigation commission of the SD party, headed by Franc Trček-Hik with the ideological support of the proud successor Marko Koprivec, is already studying the matter of concern. The purpose of the commission is to prove that this is a crime against the nation, only the medical findings are still missing, but these are being prepared by veterinarian Dejan Židan.
  3. The Tarča team, the TVS public house, is entitled to a covid symbol cast in gold or recognition “Freedom is the freedom of those who do not like Janša”. The team put so much effort into their shows, including the last hidden witnesses, to earn a golden apple of inspiration, but the decision has not yet been made at the Presidential Palace. The DNS dogs pay special tribute to the presenter Erika Žnideršič, who knew how to properly silence right wing propagandists in the show and therefore deserves the silver sign “Marionette of the Year”.
  4. The team of the illegal Necenzurirano portal receives a symbolic statue of “Barking at the Moon” for strengthening journalism without evidence and for successful perseverance in finding stories that did not happen. The medal “Hernia disci” should be awarded to the “half pint” of journalistic autonomy and the limb of the mentioned portal Primož Cirman.
  5. DNS dogs, in cooperation with a well-known pharmaceutical company, give a special award to Reporter journalist Igor Kršinar for journalistic contributions that increase the use of helex in journalism. The dog commission also agrees that the aforementioned should receive a medal with a bronze garter “Journalist Disabled”, and the Reporter team as a whole should receive the honorary title of “Crutched of Journalism”.
  6. The exceptionally special award “Veteran of the Battle for Normandy Journalism” should go to Blaž Zgaga, a journalist dissident sentenced to death, for his many years of persistence in the journalistic war from the shelter, for the export of journalistic products such as “what I dreamed of last night” to the Balkans and for a romantic relationship with Sophie in ‘t Veld.
  7. Bojan Veselinović receives a reward in the amount of his former monthly salary of 8,000 euros and the recognition of “Hiroshima STA” because he uncompromisingly destroyed the Slovenian Press Agency in the battle against the government and successfully instigated this to Janša. I suggest that the President welcomes him soon.
  8. The special award “Proud Son of a Father” also goes to Marko Koprivec, SD, as a proud successor of his father, triple functionary Jaka Koprivec, who entered the consciousness of Slovenian journalists and journalism as a persistent hardliner for communist media truths and a great censor. At the same time, it is a post-mortem recognition to father Jaka that he raised his son so successfully Bolshevik.
  9. The DNS dogs also give a large plaque of “Odlazek’s truth” to the father of the brilliant concentration of media, Martin Odlazek, for the sovereign upgrade of the yellow press into excellent wind rattles.
  10. Big brother Milan Kučan receives a lifelong membership in the DNS together with a diamond plaque “Don Corleone” for exemplary performance of works and tasks of the editor-in-chief of Slovenia.

Vinko Vasle is a long-time journalist, publicist, satirist and writer.


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