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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Let’s put it simply 3: “They are fooling you and lying to you”

By: Dr Vinko Gorenak

Dear viewers! Let’s put it simply: “they are fooling you” or “lying to you”. Do you still not know why? Follow some of my arguments.

Creating and not measuring public opinion

It has long been known that most public opinion agencies create and do not measure public opinion. Have you ever received a phone call where you were kindly asked which politician you think is the most popular in Slovenia?

I was called once a few years ago and never again. The kind lady, on the other line, listed some names of well-known politicians, and I had the opportunity to express myself completely freely.

But when I told this kind lady that the best politician for me was someone she did not list and that I was voting for, she kindly responded with the words, “Mr. the person you want to vote for is not on my list”. Well, you see, that is how this goes.

A decade and more ago, in our popularity polls, the European Commissioner was usually at the very top, or the President of the country, whether it was Drnovšek or Turk or Potočnik or Bulc. Although most of us had no idea what a European Commissioner does.

A few days ago, the most popular politician in Slovenia was MEP Ljudmila Novak, who allegedly surpassed Borut Pahor, not to mention Janez Janša. However, European Commissioner Janez Lenarčič is no longer on the popularity charts.

According to the latest public opinion polls, Ljudmila Novak also dropped out of the top of the list. What does this tell you? The answer is clear, the agencies that create public opinion, and do not measure it, have not included her in the list of the most popular politicians, so she has disappeared from the rankings. Our southern neighbours would say “she was taken by the fog”.

After Jankovič, Cerar, and Šarec, Golob is the star

However, Robert Golob is suddenly the most popular politician. He is not a politician at all, he says he leads the “Svoboda” movement or whatever it is called.

So far, we have not seen any attempt to register a political party, but he took it over from Jure Leben. Isn’t that simple, you take over the party and immediately rename it into a movement. But apart from the former judge Urška Klakočar Zupančič, we do not know practically any member. Some kind of congress was conducted virtually without the presence of the public. Maybe only he and the lady mentioned were at the virtual congress. Who knows.

The left-wing media, however, persistently conceal the amount of his salary and rewards. According to the calculations of some media (publication of A. Hojs’ document on TW profile 12.02), it amounted to 400,000 euros gross by November 2021. If we consider the fact that the average pension is 750 euros, then it is clear that Golob annually earned 533 pensions of those pensioners who have a pension of 750 euros.

Can you imagine 533 pensions of 750 euros each? That exceeds the salary of the American president. He earns only 400,000 or 353,000 dollars (gross) annually. So, considering our Golob, the real poor man is the American president. Is this normal? No, it is not, it is also illegal. And this gentleman is now supposedly fighting for workers’ and retirees’ rights? Yeah right – they are fooling you and lying to you.

But neither the left-wing media nor the CPC are dealing with this. However, they did declare Aleksandra Pivec’s sleeping in the hotel with breakfast in the amount of 400 euros at the expense of the Municipality of Izola the greatest crime, due to which she had to leave both DESUS and the ministerial post. Upside down world.

But all this does not matter. Robert Golob is suddenly the most popular politician in Slovenia. It is the creation of public opinion and not the measurement of public opinion. Yes, of course, what else.

These days, economist Jože P. Damjan is reappearing, who also wants to save the country and you, in the elections on April 24th, 2022. Who knows, maybe Robert Golob will be blown away from the opinion polls in the next few days by fog, and the most popular politician may be Jože P. Damjan. Maybe even “Donald Duck”, who knows, there is still a lot of time until April 24th, 2022.

But beware, when little Milan from Murgle appears on the left political scene, there is silence. “Golob is an opportunity,” he said days ago. Did you notice – the KUL champions: Fajon, Šarec, Mesec, and Bratušek frowned, their look darkened and they forcedly smiled. However, Golob was invited for an interview. They supposedly found out that they have a lot in common, because Milan from Murgle determined so, but they did not say what they have in common. This is also understandable since Golob did not have a party or a programme at the time.

The emergence of new and new lists, movements, or candidates on the left political scene, of course, does not harm the right political space at all. All new Golobs, Damjans or Ducks take votes only from left-wing political parties, especially from Šarec and Bratušek, so their faces are even more worried and rightly so – new faces may send them to the dustbin of history.

Fear, unrest, uneasiness, and mistrust therefore reign on the left political pole. It is not yet entirely clear what little Milan from Murgle will decide in his last “political fight for their cause” (so he said). What if he opts for Tanja Fajon? Unlikely, as information has been coming from his circle some time ago that she is not “material” for running the country. And we can definitely agree with that.

The government is allegedly selling hotels to Hungary

Let’s go to the Hungarian neighbours. They are to be sold a 43% stake in the Sava hotel chain. Terrible, this is the urbanisation of Slovenia, this is completely unacceptable. The government of Janez Janša must not do that. But let’s face it – they are fooling you and lying to you.

The Janša government is not selling a spoon to Orban and the Hungarians in a single hotel, let alone a hotel. However, the government of Miro Cerar did sell a 43% stake in the Sava hotel chain to the American financial fund York. And this is the one that is now selling the same share to the Hungarians. So, this is the truth.

Slovene of the year 2021

Finally, a treat, because you know the cakes are at the end of the meal. And we got it, the Slovene of the Year. Readers of Jane – I did not know that this weekly, owned by tycoon and convict Martin Odlazek, still exists – chose Nika Kovač a Slovene of the year 2021. A real mockery of common sense. Do you not think that a nurse who saved lives in the Covid ward deserved it much more, maybe it could be a mother with many children, or a farmer working on a farm? And who is Nika Kovač? An upbeat young lady who is protesting the government in Ljubljana and is horsing about with her Institution March 8 for taxpayers’ money. Yes, they are also fooling you and lying to you here.

Dr Vinko Gorenak is the State Secretary in the PV Cabinet, a former Member of Parliament and Minister of the Interior, a university professor, and a member of the SDS.


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