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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Kučan’s Putinism and political thugs

By: Dr Stane Granda

A prominent Slovenian leftist told me decades ago: “If you are not a leftist by the age of thirty, you are immoral, if you are after that, you are stupid.” A friend with ambitions in the Party hierarchy complemented him: “It is better to be in the Party and be wrong with it, rather than being outside it and being smart.” After Slovenian independence, I finally understood the tasks of the leftists, with all due respect, after the age of thirty: corruption, kleptocracy, authoritarianism. The Slovenian reality with Kučan as an uncrowned monarch confirms this. It is not about the left, but about the abuse of the historical heritage of the democratic left, which has nothing to do with Bolshevism.

After so many decades since the collapse of European communism, political life in the countries of the former people’s democracies is remarkably similar. Everywhere they have problems of one kind or another with former communists. An exception, but not a complete one, is Germany, where there was a merger with the democratic part of the country. A comparison of the countries of the former communist regimes reveals that they did not have a foothold in labour. Not a single member of the working class in any European country came to their defence. The “people’s leaders” of the communist countries did not rule with the help of the working masses, but the political police, which was its most important support and the most influential political or power layer. A comparison of the economic and political changes from the former Soviet Union to Slovenia gives rise to the idea that the communist elites were prepared for the coup and were internationally coordinated. The relatedness of actions is not a coincidence. They systematically “privatised” financial institutions and foreign trade, and production facilities were destroyed or sold to foreigners. All tycoons and oligarchs are from their ranks. Especially where lustration was not performed. The European classical left also has a lot of credit for such a situation, to which the totalitarian-left fascists disguised as social democrats are closer than the democrats competing with the socialists. Not to mention the influence of various unusual groups from freemasons to stock speculators, such as the famous Hungarian Soros, who is capable of shaking the world economy.

In Slovenia, we also encounter specifics, which are the result of the fact that it was the most Stalinist region of totalitarian Europe, that in the name of the revolution the most political atrocities were committed, relatively the most of its opponents were killed, and about the same number were exiled abroad. Additional physical and intellectual damage was caused by around 100,000 ambitious and enterprising people who had to go illegally or as “guest workers” to Western Europe and across the “pond” all the way to Australia. It is truly a miracle that we Slovenians survived. In the war of self-preservation, we escaped the death grip of Yugoslavia at the last moment.

The gap between Slovenian social reality and exaggerated expectations upon independence gives strength to its opponents of South Socialist national origin. They cannot rebuild Yugoslavia, but they want to make Slovenia a diminutive of it. Janković is their “bulldozer” who, with the help of the prosecution and the judiciary, is allowed to do anything. Neither law nor morality applies to him! The financial oligarch at the head of the country is fundamentally at odds with the constitutional provision that Slovenia is a welfare state. Democracy is most under attack. They are destroying it directly and indirectly by digging their moles into democratic parties. Many are gone. Now they are liquidating NSi. Supporters of independence and democracy, which is its first condition, are systematically removed from society. Not to mention slander, criminalisation, and death threats. In addition to key economic organisations, their influence in education and the media was systematically disabled. The employees in them, especially in the information department, have become their assault unit. The leading government party, which does not want to be, but declares itself a movement (?), is led by a professional journalist as general secretary, which is the most important position in totalitarian parties. That is why Vesna Vuković is actually the first person in the country in an operational sense. If we add Bergant’s group with RTVS to it, we can find that we are actually being politically directed and determined, undisguisedly from Šarec’s government onward, by a clan of journalists. Their political violence is utterly rejected. They refer to democracy, workers’, and estates’ rights… and they accept as a saviour the minister who lies to their face, carries out “Berufsverbot” on those who think differently, destroys Sloveninness, and especially because of her democratic nature, independence is in her way. It is difficult to find as much perverted leftism in domestic and international history and modernity as in the self-proclaimed fourth branch of the Slovenian government. It is one of the contents of the activities of leftists after the age of thirty.


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