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Katič’s waffles vs. Možina’s Dražgoše

By: Lea Kalc Furlanič

Some were almost entertained by the unfortunate “waffles” of SD party vice-president Andreja Katič during a TV confrontation. Even if a representative of a political party with a mileage, so vehemently convinced of a high victory in the elections, should not allow such a slip, let alone forgive herself.

However, Katič, the former Minister of Defence, was so lucky that this fateful word was said on the eve of the holiday of jokers. Thus, the public did not tear her apart (well, they probably would not do that, since the SD party is untouchable). Namely, she turned her unfortunate exchange of “watts” – in the phrase “measure with the same watts” – with “waffles” into a sympathetic April Fool’s Day joke. In political jargon, this is called negative propaganda, so some voters may even feel sorry for Katič…

On the other hand, no one feels sorry for the journalist and editor of the national RTV Dr Jože Možina because of all the manure that the public and his guild colleagues poured on him after the authentic (!) Utrip show of Dražgoše. Quite the opposite: the journalist who was the only one on the national TV to reveal the atrocities of the communists against the Slovene people after the war, while left-wing politicians (such as the SD) covered them up, received manure and discredits after Utrip show about Dražgoše. Katič’s waffles may not be comparable to Možina’s Dražgoše, but we are convinced that the principle is the same. Except she got the April Fool’s joke and Možina the gallows.

Just as Štefančič received applause because of his “fu*****” statement with angrily trembling lips and being superiorly offended by the suspension of his agitatorial Studio City show, the change of MMC editor-in-chief with Igor Pirkovič received loud outrage from colleagues, the union, Kul, etc. Finally, the Kul escalated by convening an extraordinary session (oh, how in a hurry) of the Culture Committee in the National Assembly. Thank God they rightly experienced a pogrom there. Both Pirkovič and the president of the RTV programme council Dr Peter Gregorčič told them the plain truth. This time, the RTV ombudswoman was also objective.

In this scattered pre-election country of ours, spears are being broken on all fronts. Only that the watts of designers and public opinion holders are truly and unjustly unequal.


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