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In freedom or “under Freedom”?

Dr. Stane Granda (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: dr. Stane Granda

The first days of the Svoboda (Freedom) coalition do not encourage the merrymaking as the new Prime Minister predicted. They encourage fear and even hair pulling. Out of despair and fear of its ill-conceived, distinctly ideological-revanchist measures. Slovenia is returning to the policy of cultural and political struggle typical of the old Yugoslavia. If teachers were transferred at the time, Golob’s government even promises to throw cleaners on the road.

The professionalism of the government team is evidenced by the case of State Secretary Dr Kaja Širok, who, except for the hitherto unsurpassed mobbing of her subordinate – stands out the case of Dr Mateja Tominšek Perovšek – did not show any knowledge or ability. She is only the back image of her mentor, the eternal director of ZRC SAZU, who was awarded the 8th director’s mandate by academics in gratitude for his involvement in anti-government demonstrations. Support for the unsurpassed dogmatist and leading “fighter” against revisionism in historiography was evidently expressed at the magnificent banquet at the publication of the book “Shame!”, with which ZRC SAZU and SAZU permanently marked the 30th anniversary of the Slovenian state.

Apart from total anti-Janša and socially pleasing phrases, the new government coalition has no serious economic or social programme. Moreover, it is announcing its results or achievements for its next term, which it will certainly not await. Thus, it avoids any responsibility and criticism in advance for the elected four years.

In the light of new government measures, a clearer picture of not only cycling demonstrations, but also their upgrades in the Gibanje Svoboda party are opening. They were neither peaceful nor spontaneous, but distinctly ideological. Therefore, the new Minister of the Interior immediately protected them from criminal consequences and paved the way for the new legal system of the Slovenian state when the police decide on court cases. Laws apply to some, not to others. There are crimes, there are no criminals. She is inspired by the Ranković-Maček duo, whose victims we remembered at Sunday’s ceremony in Kočevski Rog. This is a devastation of the already low legal culture in Slovenia. For this reason alone, the Minister should be removed.

Apparently, things are deeply prepared. After all, a kind of reconquest, communist counter-revolution, was already announced by the Constitutional Court, when, with its views on the Kočevje process, it fell into the coffin of constitutional death.

The fact that further political development in Slovenia is conceived very retrogradely, and above all ideologically irreconcilable, is also shown by the new political terminology. The claim that Janša’s “fascist” government fumigated peaceful, freedom-loving Ljubljana residents, which is publicly stated by the country’s leading anti-vaccinator, who is formally right behind Pahor, is a horrific example of political manipulation. A lady who masters neither writing nor speaking is an embodied example when the path to hell is paved with (shallow) good intentions. She is making fun of one of the greatest crimes in human history. It is known who and where fumigated during World War II. This is a sophisticated holocaust abuse, which is not unusual with the active participation of the director of ZRC SAZU, who wants to control the future with the past.

Freedom is one of the holiest concepts in human history. Slovenian “Freedom” is a typical example of manipulation of values such as democracy, people’s power, and the like. It is reminiscent of the abuse of famous popular fronts organised by the Communists to seize power. How much Golob, who is associated with the famous Hit lobby, is aware of this, remains to be seen. The fact that the old LDS members are so enthusiastic about him and want to adopt him is telling enough. The government communists also stand out, literally implementing Kučan’s maxim: “First discredit, then liquidation!” The example of their brats, who discredited Dr Šušteršič with ideological phrases on the “Tarča” show is alarming! With the pogrom atmosphere over members of Janša’s government and the Democrats in general, it is worth asking whether he is in control of the situation at all. The more Golob emphasises the absence of the influence of uncles from the background, the more they are present and, above all, decisive.

The famous thought from Partljič’s comedy My Father, the Socialist Kulak: “Now that there is freedom, we must be careful what we say”! is the most frequently uttered sentence among Slovene speakers in recent days. Let us not be afraid of freedom, let us beware of Freedom!

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