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Monday, February 6, 2023

If the party that promised higher taxes and lower wages during the elections is in power, then the results of the referendums really should not be surprising

By: Jože Biščak

After the presidential elections, I wrote that the Slovenian reality is that a ham sandwich would be elected if the left supported it as a presidential candidate. Since then, things have gotten worse. And I am not even surprised by anything anymore.

If we skip the local elections, where SDS reliably won for the fifth time in a row, and the grand finale of this year’s super election year awaits us with a second round (where necessary), we can already draw the line after the referendum vote and seriously ask ourselves what is wrong with the Slovenian voter. It is true, the voter is always right. Nevertheless, the Slovenian one is something special: in the spring parliamentary elections, the majority voted for someone who promised to raise taxes and lower wages. You really have to hate the conservative side to the core and be desperately anti-Janša to vote for your empty wallet. Simply because a certain man has been demonised on the right for thirty years, and it has always turned out to be ugly manipulations. But the Slovenian voter still has his blinkers on.

What did the voters vote for today? That long-term care for the elderly be postponed, that the number of ministries be increased by a fifth, and that RTV Slovenia be handed over to the left for permanent management. It will not only be expensive, it will not only be the days of single mindedness that will return to national television; the voters gave Golob a “special legal relationship” to do anything. The man who rose to the top of politics overnight and wields the most power in the country has always imagined that he could do anything with an executive branch gun in his belt (and the mainstream media will always back him up), now he is going to start believing in his infallibility and mission, that all means are justified to achieve the goals. The next step can only be to install himself as Prime Minister for life and eliminate the opposition, which we do not need. The parliamentary investigation and the amendment of the criminal code are already steps in this direction.

Of course, everything is in the hands of the voters. It is one thing that more and more people are (directly or indirectly) dependent on public (government) money; in my estimation, more than half of the citizens. And when you get public money, you really do not care if the government raises taxes or not; they give you a salary and also pay taxes, either way by net taxpayers, of whom, according to entrepreneur Ivo Boscarol, there are only 300,000 left in Slovenia. Another thing is that most voters are still doing very well. Obviously, the transition from life in a parallel world to reality will require a more serious crisis and a severe shortage for someone to wake up after all. If ever. Anyway, as of tonight, common sense is not even an illusion.


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