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Golob’s experiment is not justified, stopping the war is a priority

By: Davorin Kopše

Robert Golob has not yet proven himself in his work and politics so far. He became involved in politics at a time when Janković was trying to break into national politics. At that time, Golob was the vice-president of Positive Slovenia, which we do not remember today according to the results. We remember Positive Slovenia after the large number of MPs, and during the mandate itself after the split in the party. The split led to withdrawals from the PS and the establishment of a new party of Alenka Bratušek, which is also on the verge of leaving the National Assembly today.

The Positive Slovenia political party won 28 seats in the 2011 elections. This is the year in which Janković, despite his current political power, was unable to form a government. All the misery of the tense voters was revealed, to whom Janković, together with the media, announced honey and milk. Lastly, Janković’s Positive Slovenia, where Golob was vice-president, received only 2.97% in 2014

The party with Vice President Golob failed miserably

For Golob, Janković, as he himself stated, is the queen on the chessboard, which must be guarded and defended because she is an invaluable force. We have seen what this power really is on many of his stalled projects both in Slovenia and abroad (Serbia). In Slovenia, of course, the greatest reflection of Janković’s ability is the Stožice project, where even today there is only a pile of overgrown and decaying concrete.

As the political story unfolds before the parliamentary elections, we should keep in mind the fact that Robert Golob was with him throughout Janković’s failures. This is the same Golob who promises us new honey and milk today. On the other hand, more and more machinations and Golob’s gainful activities are coming to light, which is of course illegal. These are Golob’s million-euros earnings, which the Financial Administration (Tax Administration) does not know about. Well, they should know. And Golob should put all the questions in front of his potential voters.

After Golob’s assertion that he has no bank accounts abroad, it was revealed that these accounts exist. Golob responded that probably someone stole his identity and opened an account in his name. The candidate for Prime Minister is sinking deeper and deeper. The vortex should drag his Gibanje Svoboda party to the bottom of the political space, but the opposite is happening. Given the importance of the issue, the media should scramble and compete over who will ask him a more direct question. Well, this is not happening with us. Heads rush into the sand and get lost. They have more than obvious clear instructions.

Golob would not solve problems, he would just rule

All of Europe is expecting the consequences of the war in Ukraine. As this country is a large agricultural producer, it is logical to expect consequences. It is logical to prepare for the consequences. While all countries are looking for ways to compensate for supply disruptions from Ukraine, Golob would tackle this problem innovatively.

Golob would simply ban the consumption of meat in the absence of meat. For two days a week. He is simply not interested in challenges. I would adopt the problem and adapt to it, instead of adapting the environment to my own and our needs. This is a very casual view and explains why the monopoly company Gen-I had very low profits during his tenure. Comparable companies around the world operate with several times the profits compared to Gen-I. Even in Gen-I, profits have already risen since Golob’s departure.

If Golob had avoided a shortage of meat by reducing spending, we may wonder how he would have acted as Prime Minister in other areas. He would eradicate hunger by offering ever smaller portions. Until everything runs out completely. That this is not the right method has already been empirically proven in practice by Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. When he took office, he kept urging people to cut spending. He did this until the point where practically everything ran out and people were literally cooking grass.

Maduro bankrupt Venezuela by Golob’ path

After Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro rose to power in Venezuela with the help of hostile propaganda against the United States. The country first sank gradually and then more and more rapidly into a deep economic crisis and shortage. From an apparent external enemy, he has moved on to find the culprits within state politics, and the consequences can be seen in present-day Venezuela, where hunger, poverty, and crime reign.

Instead of striving to improve conditions and increase productivity and exploit natural resources, Maduro kept calling for adaptation, saying it would be better. This is reminiscent of a folk tale about a gypsy who decided to teach a horse to live without food. When he finally taught him this, the horse died of starvation.

This is also reminiscent of Golob’s prediction of how to solve the problem of possible meat shortages. As already mentioned, in the event of a shortage, he announced a reduction in spending, which, according to him, will ensure that it will be enough. He suggested two meatless days a week in advance. We can imagine continuing to address the shortage. Less meat, more days a week we give it up and there will be enough of it again. Finally, we run out of meat and days of the week – Venezuela. Does Slovenia really want such a Prime Minister?

The election campaign has already exposed them

During the election campaign, we can see how Golob’s supporters from his movement are sharing flour at various locations across the country. This is the flour that is in abundance during the government of Janez Janša. Is this his direct hint that we should stock up if he rises to government?

It is as if Golob even understands the need to continue working and participating in economic and solidarity measures across the EU. The fact that this is our possibility in the uninterrupted supply of energy and some other goods has already been proven by the covid crisis. We may not be optimally satisfied with all the measures at EU level, but without membership we would be much, much worse off. And obviously also with Golob.

As both the energy and the coming economic crisis are linked to the war in Ukraine, this war must end as soon as possible. Before it ends, it will be limited to the Ukrainian east. That means two. Fewer refugees and, with the help of at least limited functioning of the rest of Ukraine and its economy and agriculture.

At the ripening of Ukrainian cereals everything to protect the fields and the harvest will have to be done. Putin’s soldiers have proved that they have a criminal mind. If they bomb housing estates, schools and kindergartens and shoot livestock, we can also expect mass burning of fields.

Arrogance and exclusion must be said no

At the time of monitoring the activities of Golob and his people appearing in the electoral confrontations, we could only see their arrogance. They emphasise likable goals all the time, but they have not devised a strategy. They keep telling us that they do not know how to lead Slovenia. They just want the old situation we had before the current successful government.

For the past two years, we have tested a team that worked. We felt this in the economy, agriculture, and our wallets. It turned out what we need in Slovenia. If another coalition partner joins the next Janša government, it will just be better for all of us.

There will obviously be no wider cooperation in the next term either. This is also why it is even more important to form a strong coalition and a strong government for the next four years. I expect the most from SDS, NSi, and PoS. If there will be more, even better.

Davorin Kopše is a war veteran for Slovenia, a candidate for MEP and an active citizen.


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