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Golob’s court jesters and Nika’s kitten

By: Lea Kalc Furlanič

The term Prime Minister Robert Golob’s “court jesters” is borrowed from Požar’s Hour of Power. But it is so well-spoken and appropriate that you could not think of a better one.

It defines all those Golob’s people in important state positions and in the public, who just play court jesters. And while in the background the ruler makes destructive moves for the country, these figures blind the citizens or throw them bread and games (according to the Romans).

The performances of the President of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič, are such an excellent game of this kind, smoothly launched and intentionally allowed in the public, which is disgusted by Klakočar’s behaviour, instead of dealing with, researching, undermining the decisions of Golob’s government. Decisions that push the Slovenian economy and society into the abyss. Let us remind you of Urška’s boxing in the National Assembly, parading on the red carpet at the Independence Day, indecent cleavage in Japan and more. Golob was therefore more lucky than smart that this Urška happened to him, as far as (and this thesis may be very realistic) she was not deliberately chosen as a court jester. For her, however, it is still not clear whether she is really acting or whether she is in fact such a self-indulgent and extravagant personality, possibly with some unconscious trauma. And the mainstream media and social networks diligently perform their function of biased support for Golob and, of course, avoid credible, in-depth reporting on, for example, the currently threatened recapitalisation and subsequent privatisation of the state-owned energy companies Geoplin, Petrol, Gen-I…

Another group of Golob’s court jesters are very badly organised civic groups that play the strings for citizens on sensitive social issues. Nika Kovač with her Institute March 8 is an ideal construct for mixing the fog in the current Slovenian social reality. Her tearful playing of a fighter for various social rights by introducing laws exceeds the limits of common sense, which disgusts democratic Europe. But that is okay, the purpose has been achieved: she is filling the headlines, not the destructive decisions of the far-left rulers of this government. Even social networks are all over her, especially when she calls Janeza Janša a “kitten”. Are we citizens ashamed of being such blind sheep?


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