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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Gibanje Svoboda party, Robert Golob, media mainstream, and post-truth

By: Jože Biščak

The cooperation of the media troupe with the Gibanje Svoboda party (GS) has reached almost perfection after the last (suppressed) affairs. We have not seen such a close alliance since the party days, even in the last declared socialist countries they do not have such a consistent prevention of the ‘GS truth’ from publicly confronting the ‘objective truth’.

(For now) it is not a question of brute force, but of sophisticated propaganda, where by changing the meaning of concepts and adapting to the situation with several truths prepared (which can be used arbitrarily depending on the needs), they falsify reality. Whether it is the resignation of Bobnar, Golob’s new security service, a legally convicted consultant, the authorisation of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia to track without a court order or lying in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. It does not matter what we take from it; the anti-Janša ideology (which the media mainstream still loyally follows in the crusade against conservatism) uses the tactics of media supremacy to put power over objective truth. This is a completely new way of political thinking, even though the mainstream media swear by fair and independent reporting.

The idea is vile, the realisation sneaky, treacherous; understandable, because postmodernism relativised once recognised values related to morality and ethics. Here is how it goes. If there is anything controversial about Robert Golob’s government and it could harm him and the Gibanje Svoboda party (perhaps also the coalition partners), the reality is doubted. And at the moment when the truth is no longer there (‘someone’ is hiding it or making it difficult to reveal it), only different attitudes and opinions remain. As we know, opinion is neither false nor true, but opinion is always ‘ours’ or ‘yours’. And when it comes down to it, the truth (even if it comes out with the facts) does not matter anymore. This has been going on for quite some time, just remember the case of Patria, when they believed in ‘media truth’, which was based on opinion, not in ‘objective truth’. Every war is won in advance if you have behind you a media apparatus that manages manipulation and gives others who dispute a bad feeling that they are bad people, that they are ‘Janša supporters’. And then it is your fault either way because the objective facts that everyone could agree on are removed. In the foreground are only emotions, inflated by the media and driven by anti-Janša.

The difference between objective facts and (deliberate) fiction is usually not seen by deluded, emotional people. They are not to be blamed. The hegemonic media, which usually know the truth, but nevertheless produce untruth in a soft way, are to be blamed. It is unfair to the readers, when the objective truth is spun on a tortuous merry-go-round, it comes out as a confrontation of two opinions or two truths. This novelty is nothing more than a corrupt manipulation to create public opinion. And whoever does this should bear a heavy burden of journalistic (or editorial) dishonesty. But in these places, it is usually ‘eased’ with well-paid jobs in politics, where you expect the same treatment from your former colleagues. And the winding carousel turns out to be a perpetuum mobile of post-truth.


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