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For the unity of democratic forces in the rebellion against the destruction of man and country!

Dr Janez Juhant (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Dr Janez Juhant

Albert Svetina – Erno testifies that he is Ivan Maček – Matija ordered that everything that the prisoners of the post-war communist camp in the Institute of St. Stanislav in Šentvid (of course also elsewhere!) still have must be taken away. His lackeys delivered the confiscated valuables of prisoners who ended up in murderous abysses to Slavija. The formula remains – the appropriation of money and property: the leading majority, their dependents for cooperation a larger or smaller change depending on their origin. They still participate in unseemly deals and help maintain the corrupt deep state, hinder legal, democratic and dialogue processes and facilitate reconciliation between Slovenians. Among them, unfortunately, are Catholics and even clerics in influential positions in society, parties, media and elsewhere. In decisive moments (elections!), they burden their consciences and prolong Slovenia’s agony by doing dirty business and obstructing capable and efficient democrats.

In these challenging times at home and around the world, the current government only shows its authority by appropriating without listening to the concerns of citizens who are sinking into poverty, and by an arrogant, puffy, irresponsible authority that thinks that everything is allowed to them. Instead of offering systemic solutions and eliminating corruption in healthcare and elsewhere, they are looking for scapegoats to oust previous cadres and impose their own people. The rulers speak of peace in the land; everything should run like clockwork and citizens should not have to fear anything despite all-round crises.

Even during the war for Slovenia in 1991, the former communists convinced us that we should not be afraid of war and that we should not arm ourselves, but only work for peace. Those in Demos at that time saved Slovenia against the will of the communists, for whom Slovenia was not an option. Their successors are now doing the same. Who will save Slovenia now? People are turning more and more to charities, they are emptying warehouses, and the government is wasting money by cancelling the demographic fund, putting European Union funding at risk. It is cutting off a half-billion-dollar battleship deal – reportedly planning a cheaper one, which it does not even know what it will be like, much less how much it will cost, losing millions due to a broken contract, and becoming an internationally untrustworthy partner. Increasing the budget for distribution to non-governmental organisations that are destroying our society is a breakthrough measure, as the head of the Fiscal Council pointed out, because this money could be used to reduce debt and increase the stability of finances for times of crisis. But the government increases and changes bureaucracy, which burdens taxpayers, while raising taxes and reducing wages. The leaders are spending, there are more and more poor people, and citizens should help more and more poor people, whose number is increasing by this government with such a policy, instead of quickly and effectively easing their situation. For three months, the Prime Minister knew that there was no coal in Velenje, but he did not immediately – instead of the urgent meetings to enthrone his people in leading positions – at least go on a trip to Velenje and take measures to curb the energy and general crisis.

Now, when the unity of the opposition and all other democratic forces is necessary due to the structural innovations planned by the new government, instead of tackling the elimination of corruption in health care and elsewhere, according to pre-election promises, it would be head-scratching to participate in the constitutional and other dismantling of Slovenian society and countries. It is about essential items of family, marriage, unjust financial burdens on citizens and increasing the budget for financing the privileged and trampling on the fundamental values ​​of man and society. These are not only the values ​​of Christianity, which should not matter to the parties who refer to Christian values, but for the values ​​of man and humanity, for man’s, i.e., our survival. Not only the two opposition parties, but all of us will have to use all political and legal means to resist this demolition of the foundations of the Slovenian nation. It is a matter of long-term severe consequences for Slovenian society, as warned by our nationalistic and philanthropic ancestors, who sacrificed everything, their whole lives, to defend these foundations of man, human society, and democratic Slovenia.

In addition to the parties, all citizens are now on the move, so it is necessary to support the referendum against the laws on the government, long-term care and the RTV contribution proposed by the SDS. I also call on the Slovenian bishops to resolutely encourage citizens and politicians to act responsibly and soberly in their Christian consciousness and conscience. When the principles of justice were violated by politicians in the Republic of South Africa, Anglican Bishop Desmund Tutu resolutely stood up for the truth and helped black people to get justice. Now it is about being or not being Slovenia, so let’s not let ourselves be carried away by thirst, but stand up for our rights appropriately, unitedly, and responsibly. To be or not to be Slovenian and to defend the foundations from which we live, this is now a question for all of us. As Aleš Primc says, think, dear fellow citizens, about the future of your children and the future of our community!

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