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Fatal elections? Undoubtedly very important!

By: Dr. Stane Granda

There are no signs of losing words about the importance of the parliamentary elections. The question is not Janša or “notjanša”, Slovenia or the Balkans, but progress or regression, totalitarianism or democracy.

The Janša government returned Slovenia to Europe. The epidemic was limited by inhuman efforts, the blame for anti-vaccination is borne by the United List. Admitting guilt is just a convulsive rejection and shifting of responsibility to others. Even to the victims. As in the post-war massacres. What all the medical staff, experts and scientists had to endure from Dr Krek up to Academician Jerala, from personal to scientific disqualifications. Kučan’s maxim First disqualification, then liquidation reigned. The government was not allowed to succeed even at the cost of mass deaths.

Elections are a right and a duty. Secrets, general and equal are a civilisational achievement. History of democracy! Given the great sacrifices for the right to vote, they should be mandatory in a responsible democracy (!). Slovenians have them according to their local self-government, the first mayor is known from the year 777, already in genes. That is why Kučan’s protesters aim to dilute the elections and the parliament, which they want to replace with the “people’s assembly” and the oligarchs. They do not recognise the year 1990.

The government came to terms in a democratic way. Some groups have never acknowledged it. They are supported by members of a group of political activists on RTV Slovenia, which established the puppet Šarec. How effectively and pragmatically they nullified and filled the pre-election period with emptiness. Instead of the future, the rulers were at the forefront. After Voljč, Janković, Cerar, and Šarec, they offer Robert Golob. The oligarchy is undoubtedly the highest level of communism. Left fascism, which is increasingly present in Slovenia, Europe, and the world, is a threat to the future of humanity!

Life is short and unrepeatable. We must have its destiny and future in our hands. Self-responsibility is the quality of man. The main feature of totalitarianisms is the effort to assume this fundamental right and duty by the “leaders” of the nation at the head of their almighty parties and their oligarchy. The case of Ukraine and the shaky future of Europe confirm their uncompromisingness. Man should no longer think for himself but transfer the decision and responsibility to ingenious and in all respects perfect leaders. Doubt about them is fascism. Kučan and his supporters even had the right to judge the actions of experts. They exploited differences in views that are a fundamental feature of science. This is not ideology, political unity, but diversity and competitiveness of views and opinions, in political language revisionism, which through the recognition of a shortcoming leads to progress.

The future of democracy requires unequivocal recognition of its superiority and uncompromising struggle for it. Omissions regarding it are not allowed. Serving totalitarianism is a betrayal of humanism. The unprecedented intolerance in Slovenian political history introduced by Fajon’s team should experience a reckless democratic showdown. They have long since taken off their gloves, propagating and practicing both political and physical violence. “Kill Janša!” can only be underestimated by the striking fist of the communists: the prosecutor’s office, through which they are and still maintain their power.

We Slovenes became independent under state law, but we did not free ourselves from totalitarianism as an internal occupation. Its difficult and cruel past burdens the present and threatens the future. People are still dominated by a sense of struggle for survival or small benefits. Instead of rejecting and resisting violence, they are overwhelmed by fear of the emptiness of abandoned mine shafts. The immeasurable number of corpses has ethically and mentally permanently crippled many. A dense network of totalitarianism covered both the everyday and the future.

The behaviour of the vice-president of the communists, Doctor of Law (!), explains Slovenian politics and law more than her personality! They want to exterminate different people. The order to kill came from Belgrade. The Slovenes connected with it, its friends, and allies there have the main say in the overthrow of Slovene post-independence democracy. Kidrič’s soha in front of the presidential palace is an allegory of the permanence of the possibility of massacres.

There is no doubt about the final victory of Slovenian democracy. The parliamentary elections are a milestone. It is up to us, not our opponents, whether it will be last or penultimate.

Stane Granda is a historian and publicist.


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