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Culture of revocation

By Jože Biščak

You do not have to go far to learn what is going on today and where the origin of this evil is. Every library has records of the communist utopia of Marx and Engels. A few minutes of reading is enough and it will be clear to you what we can describe in one word – destruction. The constant attacks on the center-right government of Janez Janša and the undermining of every measure are part of a century and a half old strategy to eradicate tradition, the “old order”, and ruthlessly suppress any resistance to the “new order”. There is no room for conservatism in the new world.

Where the degrading leftists (all in turn, deep-seated communists) lead the present, people will, so they promise, walk barefoot through the morning dew and watch the sunset; honey and milk will be strained there; the marmots will wrap chocolates and the bunnies will colour the Easter eggs. People will, no doubt, be led by one dedicated elite who will decide what is right and what is not. Elections and political parties, and thus different worldviews, will be completely unnecessary. They are a remnant of backwardness, bourgeoisie, reactionaryism, are they not?

Any authority with a different worldview poses a threat to the “new”

The utopia, especially portrayed by the left these days, is of course taking over the masses. Well who does not love a fruit bowl with cream and an umbrella on top? When the successors of the totalitarian Yugoslav regime return to power, it will be enough for everyone. Except for the right wingers, for whom they will make sure they disappear. One way or another. Their motto “death to Janšism” means exactly that. They also say that there is enough space in Huda jama, Kočevje, or Teharje. They could not have revealed their plan more clearly. And for this to happen as soon as possible, any government that is not left wing must be opposed.

Any government that has a different worldview, even though it is legitimately chosen, poses a threat to the “new”. Therefore, by unrest and by inciting rebellion, people need to be shown that the future is near, somehow immediate, and that the past is very distant. This is not about any idealism, but about a cold and greedy calculation driven by a lust for money and power. Believe me, they do not really care about the crowds, they will forget about them faster than they made promises. It cannot be otherwise. These are people who are the archetypes of a spoiled class, eager for power and blood.

The inciting media mainstream and revolutionary indoctrination in the education system did their part

It is worrying how many young people are being fooled by them, how many are ready to carry out the delusions of their prophets not in elections and with acceptable approaches of a democratic state, but with threats and violence, sometimes with deadly tendencies. Just look at how many adolescents and young people were at Prešeren Square last week, for how many of them revolutionary violence is an acceptable path. There was a whole line of them: from hysterical and screaming adolescents through clowns dressed in red stars to smeared facades with creepy messages.

Everyone, of course, has a theory of how such a situation could have come about and how bad it will go on, but one thing is for sure: the inciting media mainstream and revolutionary indoctrination in the education system have helped a lot, they have made their mark; as well as the lack of a democratic tradition and decades of living in a socialist bubble (as the only acceptable world). Therefore, none of the majority of young people are familiar with the traditional social and cultural norms that have helped us curb our actions, even if we disagree with something and feel angry. The old traditional order taught our successors how to deal with violent tendencies, the new order encouraged violence and continues to do so. There is already a dangerous percentage of these people who have a completely unarticulated mentality and do not respond to a peaceful way of acting, even if not everything is always according to their wishes.

The culture of revocation and hyper-criticality towards everything that is right from the center, no matter if the conduct and action of the targets is bad or good, they blur the line between acceptable and unacceptable. The problem is not small, the torches of freedom and democratic norms can be extinguished forever. We are in the middle of a war. This is how far things have been pushed by leftists. Sorry.

Jože Biščak is the editor-in-chief of the weekly Demokracija, a long-term investigative journalist, and since 2020 also the president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists, and the author of three books.


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