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Antifa is the year 1930

By: Gregor Preac

In the US, the Democratic Party will not abolish left wing movements such as BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa, which is especially used before the election if the Republican Party is in power, as they sow chaos and make voters feel like the Republican Party is anti-human, against human rights, against blacks, against foreigners, environmental protection, gays, animals, the climate, in short, everything that is in the usual slogans of the left or Antifa. Sowing chaos is a pre-election tactic of the left or the KUL in Slovenia!

In Slovenia and throughout the EU, central parties are either disappearing or becoming radicalised. Voters prefer extremes because strong views and even extremes are easier to present in the media or with slogans, propaganda or because the digital and consumer population is less educated, more naïve, prone to black and white, illogical, superstition, false spirituality, violence, non-science, new cults, sects, neo-anarchism and the revival of communism and socialism or, to a lesser extent, Nazism and fascism. The illogical voters, because there is no political science, economics and entrepreneurship, education of financial literacy, ethics, aesthetics, logic, pragmatism or media education in schools, easily fall prey to slogans and propaganda; after all they always have!

They believe that Antifa is anti-fascist because it is called so. The official name of North Korea is DPR Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). If an NGO or organisation takes the name “charitable” and that it is still sufficiently visible, loud, resonant, we will not check the organisation and “charity”, but will blindly donate. Then the millions will go to nothing, to fraud or at least two-thirds of the funds for the operation and salaries of this organisation, and many times it is just a disguise for money laundering. About 80 percent of small investors in digital currencies lose their investments altogether or have a loss. People are naïve, blind, they are not taught neither fascism nor socialism, nor war nor crisis!

The name Antifa is old

Why after socialism (communism), which was incompetent, grey, perforated, with queues, with scarcity, with poor quality products, with smuggling, corruption, violent, against foreigners, anti-gay, environmentally unfriendly, military, anti-Semitic, undemocratic, non-plural, inhuman, stupid, people, especially young people, and (again) retirees sympathise with the left? How can the SD and the Levica party (or KUL) be proud successors of socialism with a “human face” when everything went wrong in socialism, otherwise it would not have collapsed! Antifa, young people accept the ideology of the New Age, which is a simplistic, falsely spiritual, popular and an unscientific response to lead communism, grey socialism, fascism, Nazism. The left appropriated, adapted, prefabricated the neoliberal New Age, just as it appropriated the left part of liberal democracy. Otherwise, to this day, liberal democracy has also fallen into liberal extremes and is leading Europe into decadence and collapse!

Politicians, education, teachers, media, political parties, leftists, members of Antifa in Slovenia, the EU, the USA are ripe for psychologists and psychiatry! Antifa is just the pinnacle of this game, this comedy of psychopaths and fools! The name Antifa is old, from 1930. It is as if the chaos of the Weimar Republic (1918−1933) is returning with illegal mass migrations from Islam since 2015 and with a pandemic or with neo-anarchists and neo-communists. However, I do not believe that European fascism would be brought to power again!

However, Islamic fascism can be enthroned in an increasingly divided, exhausted, empty, sad, depraved, disoriented, decadent, robotic, zombie, impotent, canonised (canis lat. dog) or ravaged Europe (in a flood of dogs), as is written by the famous French writer Michel Houellebecq, especially in his book Submission (2015), and English journalist, publicist and political commentator Douglas Murray, especially in the last two books The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (2017) and The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race, and Identity (2019). In his latest book Serotonin (2019) Houellebecq also shows the chaos, decadence, disorientation and suicide of the people of Europe!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer, and traveller


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