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A schizophrenic government is killing our country

Lea Kalc Furlanič (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Lea Kalc Furlanič

Crumbs to help the economy and citizens in a major crisis, but one and a half billion (in debt!) to friendly electric companies, the complete collapse of healthcare, Golob’s private security, bizarre shows by the president of the National Assembly, an honourable burial of Udba’s murderer of human rights, glorification of NOB’s lies, disrespect for the office of the prime minister and the president of the country, the political subjugation of public radio and television, the open door to migration… These are just some of the literally schizophrenic (destructive is an understatement) actions of Golob’s government and its entire politicised sphere, which literally kills and steals our country before our eyes and oppresses its people to the lowest level, the most impoverished and devastated existential and intellectual level ever.

Blind is anyone who sings, said the poet, who lost faith in the power and potential of poetry, blind are the citizens who voted for this government and still persistently support it, they almost adore it, as evidenced by polls, referendum results, social networks, mainstream media, pub debates, and more. And also, those who look away and cover their ears. But what have they lost confidence in if they do not know how, if they do not want to watch, be active, fight?

Just following the majority mantra “just as long as it is not Janša” that ideological and opportunistic manipulators have so hatefully but falsely planted in this nation, does not mean you are an active citizen who cares. It is just another schizophrenic behaviour. Yes, that is the right label because schizophrenia means losing touch with reality. And this is exactly what is happening to both the rulers and the nation.

A man overlooks when reality hits him in the pocket, says folk wisdom. But unfortunately, not in Slovenia, where the people have long since lost their true Slovenian roots due to socialist ideology, and where the schism is so great and cultural Marxism is already so ingrained in the very bowels of the nation and the governance of the country that all that remains is despair and disappointment or a loss of contact with reality. Now perhaps for those pulling the main strings…

None of the problems can be solved overnight, but we can start solving them immediately, said Golob, whose support began to fall. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel after all?!

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