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A new generation of voters

By: Jože Biščak

It is difficult to find a common language with the left. In fact, this mission is impossible. Not only do they not want to discuss their views, they also do not listen. They pretend to be mute. They have ears, but they obviously do not perform their function. And when they fail to miss because the facts and arguments are too loud, they resort to traditional tactics – brute force and violence. The justifier of this is Alem Maksuti.

There will be blood, he predicts. Not with those words, but warning right-wingers to prepare for the worst can only be revolutionary violence. This is not the first time the opponent has threatened. He obviously has this in his blood, which does not bother the biggest Slovenian televisions at all, so as not to invite him as a guest. Given the propaganda narrative of the hegemonic media, the views of Maksuti (certainly one of the most annoying and ungrateful individuals who set foot on Slovenian soil with a belly full of bread) are acceptable because Golob and his new company use almost identical vocabulary; they undertook to wash away right-wing filth in Slovenia. And everyone who worked with it. Such value have the high-flying words about cooperation: a street talk that denies legitimacy to the right even when in opposition, and a public bombarded with tyrannical media propaganda based on slander, bogus polls and demonising conservatism. Then they say we are impatient.

Brand new ways of forming a government show a desire for their distorted views. More papal than pope, as real wizards with completely new procedures and order, they first divided ministerial positions without the (promising new Slovenian government) coalition even knowing whether their members and bodies will approve the programme and coalition agreement. Janez Janša is right when he says that there is nothing like this anywhere in democratic countries and that this is only possible where the government is just a façade. And Golob’s government is exactly that – a sophistry to distract attention from the people behind it.

Even the things and concepts used by the left have a different meaning for the media than when the right speaks about them. That they will depoliticise RTV Slovenia now that they are in power is a prime example. Politics cannot depoliticise anything. As soon as politics is around, the matter is automatically political. Because it is state-owned and employees of the Station are civil servants, everything one or the other party does is political. And RTV Slovenia will be depoliticised when it is privatised, and we will no longer have to pay contributions. Nothing before and nothing later. Anyone who is at least a little bit free from left-wing indoctrination knows this.

Unfortunately, the population in these places wakes up (if at all) when it is too late. It gets fooled repeatedly and believes that this is really it now, but the very next day its life falls apart. Of course, others are to blame. Even now, others will be to blame when Golob’s government lowers wages and raises taxes. There were enough serious warnings that this would happen, but media lies (without the possibility of defence) gave birth to a whole new generation of voters: unreasonable but confident in their perfection and genius and educated but purposefully indoctrinated. Such a circle is concluded at every election. In the meantime, it may be torn apart, causing a bit of confusion and doubt about the brilliance of the decision, but there is little vandalism of the actions and words of the right enough to stick together again.

We have obviously not reached the breaking point yet. It will take more than 50 years to transform Slovenia, says publicist Mitja Pucelj. But from what we can see, I am afraid not even half a century will be enough. Not only are fewer and fewer people willing to face the real world, more and more are doing their best to step from the actual into a less strenuous parallel world, a manipulated simulated mapping of reverse facts into reality: good is bad and bad is good. There is no simple description of what is happening. This is one of the reasons why the good numbers of Janša’s outgoing government surprised only those who not only did not want to see them, but did not really want them, even though the country is in better shape than under any left-wing government. Now something else is in store. If what they promise comes true, we will not be able to describe in words the coming horror.

Jože Biščak is the editor-in-chief of the conservative magazine Demokracija, president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists and author of the

Zgodbe iz Kavarne Hayek, Zapisi konservativnega liberalca, and Potovati z Orwellom.


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