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četrtek, 4 marca, 2021

At the Šempeter hospital, the situation is getting worse due to new infections

By: Demokracija

At the Wednesday’s re-testing of employees and patients at the internal medicine departments of the Šempeter Hospital, which has been threatened by an outbreak of new coronavirus infections in recent days, 12 new infections were confirmed. After 146 PCR tests were performed, six positive tests were detected among patients and six among employees, the CZ regional headquarters for North Primorska announced today.

A total of 26 patients have been infected since the virus entered the hospital’s white zone in these wards. All were immediately transferred to the covid department, which is arranged in the premises of the old hospital building. These are currently treating 61 patients, the most in this hospital since the outbreak of the epidemic. Five of these patients are in the intensive care unit, said the hospital’s expert director Dunja Savnik Winkler.

The situation in the hospital is aggravated, due to numerous infections among employees, there are already more than 30 in total, constant reorganisations of work and adaptation to the current situation are needed. All non-urgent procedures and examinations are therefore cancelled, but, as the hospital’s professional director has assured, everyone who really needs help will get it.

In the message, the CZ regional headquarters for North Primorska also wrote that the situation regarding infections is worrying practically in the entire region. In the last week, the epidemiological picture has drastically deteriorated. Most of the infected are in two homes for the elderly, namely in Ajdovščina and Tolmin, but the number of actively infected is also increasing in towns and villages, and cases of infection are scattered.

On Wednesday, mass testing with rapid antigen tests continued in North Primorska. A total of 318 tests were performed, 20 of which were positive, i.e. 6.29 percent of all. And in Nova Gorica, vaccination of the elderly who are not accommodated in homes began today.


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