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sreda, 20 januarja, 2021

A tribute was shown to dr. Jože Pučnik on the 18th anniversary of his death by laying flowers

By: C.R.

Today marks eighteen years since the death of the father of Slovenian statehood, dr. Jože Pučnik, who was the engine of Slovenian independence and democratic processes at the end of the 1980s. Dr. Jože Pučnik’s life motto in Slovene politics were a struggle for the truth and a struggle for the well-being of the Slovene man.

In commemoration to dr. Jože Pučnik, the president of the SDS Janez Janša together with the president of the municipal committee of the SDS Slovenska Bistrica laid flowers on his grave. SDS MP Karmen Furman and the Mayor of Slovenska Bistrica Ivan Žagar were also present at the laying of flowers.


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