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The first victim of the migrant beast was Vincent Loques, a devout Catholic and father of two; the last words of a mortally wounded 40-year-old woman: »Tell my children I love them.«

Vincent Loques, a father of two, was a » dedicated servant« of the church of Notre Dame where the attack took place.

One of the victims of an illegal migrant, Tunisian Aouissaoui Bahrain (21), who came to Europe with the help of NGOs (he had a Red Cross certificate in his pocket), is Vincent Loques (55), a father of two.

A horrific crime took place in Nice today. A Muslim, illegal migrant Aouissaoui Bahrain, brutally murdered three people in the church of Notre Dame in Nice on the Cote d’Azur: a man and a woman died beheaded in a church, another woman who fled the church died at a local coffee shop.

The French media identified the male victim as Vincent Loques. Local politician Eric Ciotti posted a picture of him on Twitter, in which he is dressed in a T-shirt, looking relaxed and happy. Ciotti wrote that Loques was a »committed servant« of the church of Notre Dame where the attack took place.

Loques was 55 years old and the father of two children, reports La Parisien newspaper. Parish members said he was a church overseer for ten years and a very kind man. Today in the church he was preparing everything necessary for the upcoming Sunday celebration of All Saints’ Day.

»He was extremely committed to his church, always thinking of his family, his loved ones and the entire Catholic community,« local media reported.

The identities of the other two victims have not yet been revealed. It is known that the woman who died in the church with her head cut off was 70 years old and was helping Loques. The other woman who took shelter in the cafe was 40 years old. According to the guests, her last words were: »Tell my children that I love them.« Then she went up the heavenly stairs into God’s arms.


The Tunisian Bahrain came to Europe via Italy, he had a Red Cross certificate in his pocket!

(VIDEO + PHOTOS) New terrorist attack in France, at least three people confirmed dead

The Tunisian Bahrain came to Europe via Italy, he had a Red Cross certificate in his pocket!

Six key days or China has to pay


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