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Drag queens sensitise children from taxpayers’ money

As part of a series of programmes, drag queens perform LGBT tales for children in Sweden. While last year this show was funded from the legacy of deceased Swedes with no heirs, this year the performers will also receive state support.

Sensitising lectures for children have been held in Sweden as part of the Among Dragons and Drag Queens series for the third year in a row. In the show, drag artists perform fairy tales for children and widen their knowledge about the LGBT issues in a playful way. As indicated, the show is recommended for children ages 3-7.


(Photo: V4 Agency)

It is not the first time this series of events promoting gender ideology have been organised in the country. However, while the previous shows were funded from the inheritance money of deceased Swedes with no heirs, this autumn the little ones are being sensitised from taxpayers’ money. It all happens with the help of the Swedish Arts Council, which supports the Kulturforeningen Mums group, the organiser of the drag performances for children.

If it were not enough, this year the Swedish state television (SVT) has also made a promoting report with the drag queens telling fairy tales, Samhallsnytt writes. One of the drag performers, Henrik Johansson, for example, told SVT that they were actually fairy-tale heroes that children could believe in. At the same time, he also invited people to go and play in this magical world they live in.


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