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Minister Aleš Hojs in his resignation statement: There are still no moves in the investigation of money laundering of one billion for Iranian terrorists and the chosen ones of the deep state publicly declare that they will never be prosecuted

Here is the resignation statement of the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs. We publish it in full.

“Dear Prime Minister, Mr. Janez Janša!

After we in the government under your leadership successfully curbed the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic and largely alleviated the social and economic crisis caused by the disease, media and repressive pressures are intensifying again on all those of us in the government team   who did this work enthusiastically, responsibly and for the benefit of the citizens. So yesterday we could read that house searches are being prepared at the home of Minister Počivalšek, that a criminal complaint had already been illegally written against Minister Tonin, even before his defense, and that the threats from two months ago, announced in the column for the weekly Mladina, to this government by the creator of the largest Slovenian police and political scandals, Drago Kos, are coming true. Today, these predictions have been confirmed as accurate.

As Minister of the Interior, in the coalition program I undertook to make an amendment to the Aliens Act, the International Protection Act and the much-needed regulation of the police situation by the end of this year. Both laws are ready, are in interdepartmental coordination, and can be adopted in the National Assembly by the end of October. We also approached the regulation of the situation in the police, which, with its sacrifice, professionalism and exceptional efforts, made an important contribution to curbing the epidemic and systematically tackled the protection of our southern border. Unfortunately, part of this security system, especially the criminal police and the National Investigation Office, has for many years not followed the expectations of citizens in the prosecution of organized crime. Thus, there are still no moves in the investigation of money laundering of one billion for Iranian terrorists and the chosen ones of the deep state publicly declare that they will never be prosecuted. It is more than obvious that this part of the police is consciously involved in protecting crime and, under the guise of prosecuting it, intimidates individuals who are not politically in favor of them.

Despite the personnel changes at the top of the police and the changes made by the Director General of the Police so far, I believe that the Udba party structure of the decisive part of the police, in relation to the prosecution and the judiciary, is so firmly anchored in the system that given the existing legislation and the powers I have as a minister in relation to the police, it does not allow me to effectively depoliticize and change the police.

Therefore, dear Prime Minister, I would like to inform you that as of today, I am irrevocably resigning as the Minister of the Interior of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Finally, let me thank you for the honor and recognition you have shown me by inviting me to your government team. At the same time, I would like to inform you that in addition to the government you lead, I will continue to do my utmost to help the citizens to democratize our society and depoliticize security structures.

Aleš Hojs

Ljubljana, June 30, 2020″


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